Strategic Staffing Plan

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Stategic Staffing Plan: JR Smith

Human Resource Recruitment and Selection

September 14, 2012

Workforce planning will be especially beneficial to JR Smith staffing because it can ensure that they acquire the talent that they need. This systematic technique is used by YZ Strategic Staffing Professionals, Inc. to plan ahead and avoid talent surpluses or shortage. (Sullivan, 2002) This system is useful during the entire recruitment process because it has the ability to identify, acquire, develop and retain employees that will meet the needs of JR Smith. The main idea behind workforce planning is to forecast the talent need and compare it to the talent that you already have. It will not only forecast to meet JR Smith’s short term goal of recruiting employees for the new business expansion, but it’s methods can also be used long term. It has been proven that Human Resource planning is often more successful when integrated with workforce planning. (Sullivan, 2002)

During the recruitment process sourcing would also be another process JR Smith may want to consider. Sourcing is the proactive searching for qualified job candidates for current or planned open positions ("Recruiting: Sourcing," 2012) This does not mean reviewing resumes and applications sent to the company but HR personally as well as managers may need to reach out to individuals who may not be aware of the opportunities offered by JR Smith. Some common techniques used are calling companies that employee individuals who meet the key requirements of the position or networking through job boards, social medial or business related groups. This is a proactive process so the cooperation of JR Smith mangers and personnel is essential. Once sourcing or locating individuals is concluded recruiting talent can then take place. (Phillips & Gully, 2009)

Based on the information presented it easy to see that the talent philosophy of JR Smith is that, “JR Smith seeks personable and amiable employees that care about customer's needs first.” They wish to find motivated individuals who live within the community and wish to help others through training. These individuals should be well educated and able to communicate effectively. Skills that JR Smith should focus on are organization, multi-tasking, and individuals who are team oriented. Since they are seeking employees for their new office, it may be best if they search for employees with experience in the field rather than entry-level employees.

Job Analysis
When a job analysis is used for staffing it should have the ability to create valid selection system that identifies worker characteristics. This should then be able to distinguish superior workers from those who are unacceptable for hire. Since JR Smith’s methods were ineffective in the past, I would recommend that they use a future-oriented analysis to staff their new office. This technique is typically used for new jobs and analyzing how they will work in the future, but since their method did not work in the past, it may be more effective to treat all the positions they are hiring for in this new office as new jobs.

JR Smith should follow these steps when conducting their job analysis:

1. Get support from top management to ensure that everyone is on board with this job analysis effort 2. Communicate the purpose of job analysis to all participants and ensure that they are diligent in completing all tasks 3. Collect background information and analyze how the job contribute to the execution of JR Smith’s business strategy 4. Generate the task statements

5. Form job duties and task groupings
6. Collect critical incidents
7. Weigh job duties
8. Conduct job requirements matrix
9. Write job descriptions and person specifications ("Chapter 4 –," 2011)

Job Title: Office Manager
Classification: Full...
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