Strategic Staffing

Topics: Management, ManaGeR, Time Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Lashanda Hayes
Keller Graduate School of Management
Professor Benjamin
December 14, 2009
Strategic Staffing

Throughout this course we have focused on many strategic staffing methods and the advantages and disadvantaged of each method. Overall in this paper I will address the training and development methods that organization face. The history of training and development is the organization back bone. It allows management and human resources to get together and map out their organization strategy, vision and implementation. Training and development should exemplify all three methods to meet the organizations goal. Staffing is a gateway for an organization to be successful. The purpose of training a development is to ensure that employees are able to perform their job. This is a team effort between managers and employees. I chose this topic because it was rare in the course but covered in many aspect when recruitment, retention, training manager, training materials etc. The list goes on and on. I feel that Some would assume that there are not many problem with training process and the development that it take to become the best of the best. Some of the problem that organization face are listed as followed: Time

Getting Started
Broad Expertise
Lack of trust and openness
Skepticism and the value of training

According to one of the site ( the previous discussed. Time can affect an organization in the training process. For large companies or evening small companies manager may have to meet certain deadline to have an entry level employee up and ready to go live. This may more so be common in smaller organization. Getting started is usually difficult because there are a lot of obstacle that can prevent an organization from getting all training program and material and the people in place. Sometime training is not a typical process for some people/manager and department. Some organizations find it challenging especially if there is no...
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