Strategic Quality and System Management

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1. A)
Organisational Objectives are new targets and aims which are set up by the top management to achieve in the future. They can be helpful to control and motivate staff and give them a vision and direction.

All the decisions made within the organisation should be in accordance with the objectives.
Various different factors are involved in setting up organisation’s objectives. i.e. Nature of business, stakeholders etc.

It can be described as below: -



Strategic Objectives

Tactical Objectives

Importance of Objectives

Give clear vision or direction
Make staff more determined and united
Encouragement for strategic thinking
Bring more efficiency and better performance
Keep staff up to date
More productivity
Staff motivation

All these are some of the benefits which are only possible by making new plans and setting up new objectives.

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1. B)

Organisational Processes means a set of valuable activities which are designed to achieve organisational targets and objectives. Processes include decisions, resources, tasks, activities and responsibilities given to everyone within the organisation. A process includes all the activities from beginning to the end up and shows all the inputs and outputs of that process. Businesses need to monitor, review, alter and streamline processes continually in order to remain competitive. Processes must be result-oriented showing satisfaction of the client or end user. When planning a task make sure you finish all the possible loop holes which may cause a process to be less effective or under perform. Processes should be practically applicable and possibly easy to follow to get maximum result out of them.

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1. C)

Strategic management is a field that deals with the major intended and...
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