Strategic Product Design

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Product simulations and testing take place during the design process, and are directed at gaining an understanding whether the product functions the way it is intended to do. These types of tests are simulations on paper or on a computer, or even tests with different forms of prototypes. Through product simulations and testing, designers try out their ideas to see whether they work as intended.

Admission requirments
The SPD programme requires basic design skills, research skills, communication skills, strategic and critical thinking skills and a thorough understanding of the overall product innovation process. Required entry level skills include the following: Product Design, Information Design, Interaction Design, Multimedia Design, Basic Research skills and knowledge of technical product development aspects.

Course Description
The focus of the MSc Programme in Strategic Product Design is on the ‘fuzzy’ strategic stage that precedes the actual development of a new product or service. The programme puts emphasis on translating corporate strategy in coherence with market developments and market opportunities into a sound product development portfolio.

Career prospects
Graduates of the programme are prepared to move into all aspects of product development; usually in a commercial environment. They have strong practical design skills, extensive knowledge of the innovation process, and a deep understanding of the strategic underpinnings for commercial success.Graduates are ready to move into positions as strategic designers, product or brand managers, new product development, project leaders, innovation consultants, design and brand consultants, and innovation managers. Some graduates choose to go into research, either in the commercial world or in academia.
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