Strategic Planning on Imtiaz Supermarket

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Imtiaz Superstore
Strategic Deficiency|

Human Resource Management| Marketing / Brand Management| Supply Chain Management| IT/E-Commerce| * High Employee Turnover * Continuous Recruiting * Lack of Training * Stressful Environment| * Improper Marketing Campaign * Instable Pricing| * Warehousing * Improper Merchandising * Poor Fixtures & Density * Lack of Space| * Official Website * Lack of electronic cash counters * Lack of Retail and Inventory management software.|

Preliminary Analysis|
Human Resource Management| High Employee Turnover| The factors contributing to high employee turnover are low wages and improper balance between work and life that is shop floor employees working on weekends.| | Continuous Recruiting| The Human Resource department frequently recruits new employees to fill vacant positions including positions left by previous shop floor employees, upper management positions and seasonal positions. Quick adjustments and a fast response time to fill these vacant positions make the recruitment process difficult and challenging.| | Lack Of Training| Most of the shop floor employees working at Imtiaz Superstore belong to the Khyber Pakhtun Khawan (KPK) and Southern Punjab region of Pakistan. They cannot speak the national language of Pakistan properly that is why customers face a lot of difficulty when they deal with shop floor employees. Other than that the retail managers are not much trained they face a lot of difficulty in managing shop floor employees.| | Stressful Environment| There is lot of work pressure on employees due to work overload, time pressure, and job insecurity due to part time work, poor working facilities and low wages. | Marketing/Brand Management| Improper Marketing Campaign| Imtiaz Super Market has improper marketing campaigns; they are not heavily engaged in the advertisement of their promotions and special offers.| | Instable Pricing| Product pricing is not attractive in which the products have slight differentiation in terms of price and quality. Due to instability in price level, most of the customers have difficulty to buy the certain goods.| Supply Chain Management| Warehousing| Imtiaz Super Market has small warehouses and they have little space to store bulk quantity of goods. As the demand of goods rises, customers face shortage of goods. |

Merchandising| Visual Merchandising| They are not focusing on visual merchandising of the grocery items and products in their retail stores. For instance the racks are heavily filled with too many items and do not show complementary items together. | Real Estate| Lack of Space| Imtiaz Super Market has a problem of space regarding to the car parking and shop floor space. It is too much congested during the rush hours and the customers could not find car parking during these peak hours.| IT/E-Commerce| Official Website| The website of Imtiaz Super Market is not properly maintained and updated with the latest offers and promotions. Furthermore the website is not properly customized for the customers to place their orders online.| | Lack of Retail & Inventory Management Software| There is a lack of retail and inventory management software employed at Imtiaz Super Store to maintain the inventory level properly. The software is not updated to the latest technology i.e SAP. Most of the work is done through Microsoft Excel.|

External Environment Factors Shaping A Company’s Choice of Strategy

Imtiaz Super market has many individual buyers of all age and income groups. This includes low income, middle income and high income groups.

The suppliers of Imtiaz Super market are Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Shaan Foods, National Foods, Ashrafi Flourmills, Dalda foods and Jodiya Bazaar Merchants.

Substitute Products
Many super markets offer substitute products...
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