Strategic Planning Marketing, Operations and Productions

Topics: JetBlue Airways, Aircraft, Aer Lingus Pages: 5 (1485 words) Published: March 13, 2013
JetBlue has purchased and are waiting on the arrival of new aircrafts. They are also refitting old aircrafts to make them more “green”. On June 21, 2011, JetBlue had announced that they had revised and extended of their A320 delivery schedule. They have a new order for forty A320 neo aircrafts which can save them up to 15% in fuel and increased range. They had a deferral of eight A320 aircrafts from 2014-2015 to 2017 to smooth out aircraft deliveries that will reduce their spending in the next term. Of the 52 A320s left on the current order book, JetBlue has changed 30 of those crafts to be converted to A321s, powered by IAE engines, that will allow greater network flexibility. As for the retrofits, the newest airplanes in 2013 will come with winglets while the current airplanes will be refitted with them. The winglets help reduce drag so that the airplanes save fuel. Another ongoing project was their ThinkUp Campaign. JetBlue was working on releasing a new tablet app. This is to be released in early 2013. This started back in November until December 2, 2012 when they first asked customers for their opinions on a multitude of their products and services. They also asked on what the new tablet experience should look like. The top 30 ideas were then vetted and then put out for the customers to vote on. They were six categories: Educational, Fun, Ticketing, Functional, Loyalty, and Other. The winners of this competition (winners) will win a free year of travel on JetBlue in the form of two travel certificates each month for a year. Each of these certificates are good for a roundtrip base fare of a JetBlue flight that month. The ideas that were submitted and won may be included in to the development planning of JetBlue’s new app. Discontinued Products/Services

The last aircraft that was retired was in July 3, 2012. Prior to that, the last plane to retire was August 1, 2009. They have not cancelled any destination flights. They have, however, ADDED new locations. Changes in Target Market

JetBlue is still focused on those who travel for business. They are trying to have more contracts with businesses that will more likely set up their workers on JetBlue flights for business trips. However, JetBlue has said that “Each city receives a different level of marketing support based on the size of the operation.” Promotions and Sponsorships

They are promoting and sponsoring many events and businesses ranging from Boston Red Sox, Long Beach Marathon, New York Comedy Festival, Orlando Hisbanic Expo, Tribeca Film Festival to University Connecticut Basketball team just to name a few. They have a goal of aligning themselves with partners that have similar brand attributes, providing them with a strong return on investments and also have unique promotional concepts. JetBlue has been taking steps in changing what they are going to receive as stated before. They have been trying to be more ‘Green’. They have taken steps in four different areas: Aircraft, Onboard, Airport and through their Partners. They are constantly looking for ways to reduce fuel burn and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. JetBlue’s onboard experience is focused on made to give their customers whatever they need and nothing they don’t. At John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), they strive to reduce and recycle waste generated both inside their new, environmentally-friendly terminal and on the tarmac. Changes on Operations and Productions

Using one engine to taxi to and from runways
Connecting the aircraft to ground power at the gate rather than using the engines to power air-conditioning, etc. •Deploying state-of-the-art technology to develop deficient routings and reduce flying times •Installing lighter aircraft seats and LED lighting

Eliminating disposale headsets (started in June 2008) and encouraging customers to bring their own to enjoy their inflight entertainment. •Saving paper by not offering an inflight...
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