Strategic Planning for the Community Church

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Strategic Planning for The Community Church
Walden University
PPPA 8465
Dr. Ian Birdsall
Jan Guy


In recent years, there has been a noted decline in church attendance at The Community Church. Due to the recent state of affairs regarding the economy, health care and joblessness, many parishioners have opted to work extra days, like Sunday’s, give less in monetary donations or a combination of both. Based on these issues, it has been determined that a Strategic Plan for TCC (The Community Church) is needed. From the beginning it was determined that my company and I would be the evaluators, and that key stakeholders/ decision makers would be identified and involved so as to determine which issues needed addressing, how frequent the follow ups needed to be done for the sake of progress and most importantly, what are the outcomes of the plan and how will those be implemented as well as by whom?

The Organization

The organization that I have selected is The Community Church (TCC). In the past, there did not seem to be a problem with many members attending church services, but this has changed recently due to a noted decline in the number of church members (Strategic Planning for Churches, 2010) Many people do not think of the Church as a business, but in fact, that is exactly what it is! TCC is a business that needs to be maintained by donations from church members and others within the community. When these goals and other issues arise, a strategic plan must be implemented. Per Olsen and Eadie (1982, p.4) “Strategic planning is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization (or other entity) is, what it does and why it does it.” Due to the above issues, TCC has had to undergo a strategic plan in order to maintain itself.

Organizational Mandates

Some of the formal organizational mandates for TCC are: That people in the church bear witness to God and witness to others outside of the church, to observe and practice God’s mission of healing, reconciliation and restoration in the world, and the observation and practice of the church bylaws (Episcopa, 2010). Some of TCC’s informal mandates are: Stakeholders are expected to continue to encourage church members to “witness” to those in the community, to contribute their time and their resources to the growth of the church, to establish parishes/ encourage the giving of food and clothing as well as shelter to those in need. The implications for formal mandates are: that some members will not agree with the self-imposed mandates of the church, some members who are witnessing to the community are not doing their best, and may not be witnessing at all, and there could be disagreements regarding who the stakeholders are/should be (Bryson, 2004). The implications for the informal mandates are: lack of participation of many of the church members, ignoring the suggested “expectations” of the community regarding the function of some of the roles of the church members in charge and selfishness of some of the leaders within the church. Stakeholders, and other parties, that give important input into the laws of the church, incorporate TCC’s mandates. These mandates are written and reviewed by the church board and then are voted upon. Once these mandates are agreed upon and voted, they are then acted upon. Mission and Values

The mission of TCC is clearly stated in the bible verse: Matthew 22:36-39 "Loving God, Loving People, and Introducing the World to Christ.” and to encourage church attendance (christianmom, n.d). As a guideline to further define TCC’s mission, our text (Bryson, 2004) was used to further define the purpose of TCC and its’ mission. The three chosen questions are:

1. Who are we? TCC is a non-profit organization that has the function to enlighten people about Christ thorough evangelism, to maintain the alliance with God’s commandments, to help people within the community...
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