Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

MGT3880: Leadership for Organizations
George Henson

Strategic planning is a process of optimism by an organization. It anticipates the future of the organizational goals and strategically plans how the organization will achieve those goals. Strategic planning involves several steps in its process those steps are; (1) strategic thinking including external analysis, (2) internal analysis, (3) identifying key strategic issues, (4) developing viable strategic alternatives, and (5) choosing the best strategy using as criteria whatever the company defines as "success" (Abraham, 2012). The “Opening Bell Café” requires a strategic plan to ensure effectiveness so that new clientele, products and profits are within reach in the near future. The “Opening Bell Cafe” is a new organization and a revised strategic plan can assist with tackling new goals and growth for the organization over the next three years.

This organization is very distinct because it offers services and products that exclude them from other leading competitors. In particular, the organization is responsible for employing individuals with great customer service and providing the client with quality individuals and extraordinary services. Also, the organization capitalizes on its stellar training of culinary and customer service skills which separates it from other competitors. The organization members are required to understand the organizational policies and are the first to ensure that the employee’s and client’s needs are addressed.

The managers of the organization are responsible for deciding the direction in which the department should go, what the company should produce, and hence in what industry it competes (Abraham, 2012). Understanding the organization’s competitors, identifying the customers, rather they can provide and how the company will continue to remain profitable is the management’s responsibility. In order for the strategic plan to be effective the direction of the company must be understood.

The student believes that the current direction is understood but is not being implemented correctly. The company knows what they want to offer; good products and great services this will allow the organization to compete with leading competitors. The menu of this organization differs from the café products to catering services and menu. The organization is aware of who the customer is but is unaware of how to meet them which is a weakness of the organization.

During this strategic planning process a SWOT analysis must be completed to understand the organizations strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats of the organization. The SWOT analysis is a straightforward model that provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of marketing plans (Danca, 2012). The SWOT analysis is being conducted for the benefit of meeting certain goals, the organization has to address the strengths and weaknesses internally and the opportunities and threats externally.

The “Opening Bell” has several strengths but the employee relations and effective differentiation are two of the organizations strengths. Opening Bell Café is a respectable employer and values its employees. They ensure that the employees feel a part of the team which increases employee relations so that everyone has a pleasant experience with Opening Bell Café. Effective differentiation is the second strength of the organization. Effective differentiation permits the organization to study the competition and questions if they offer the same as competitors. While studying the group has to be realistic about behaviors that will allow the organization to compete with leading brands while identifying ways to improve. These strengths allow the organization to offer well trained employees and recognize products the competitors do not offer. Exploiting the strengths give the Opening Bell the ability to market and promote...
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