Strategic Plan, Part I

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Strategic Plan, Part I

Garland Jones


May 7, 2013
Dr. Catherine Burr

Strategic Plan Part, I

Products and Services

Executive Herb Karr and programmer Harry Markowitz founded CACI in July 1962. Both men started the business from a park bench to launching a successful venture. By the 1970s, the introduction of technology and marketing helped CACI to develop database programs for the Commerce department, departments of Justice, and defense. Services offered through CACI are business system solutions programs that helps program managers achieves his or her highest objectives at a low-risk cost. Communication, command, control, and computers services that help organizations protect critical information and data. Identity management solutions program that help protect the organization and individuals identities by targeting adversaries and through managed access. An intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance team which provides life cycle support when meeting the needs of United States fleet forces, homeland security, and other government agencies. The organization also continues to develop new web-based programs to assist government agencies, homeland security, and various fleet forces as well as implement training, recruitment, virtual university, and refresher courses for employees. For over 50 years, CACI has been vigilant providing innovation and operational excellence to clients. Customers in the intelligence, defense, federal civilian, and homeland security markets depend on CACI’s mission-critical solutions and services to assist with future challenges. Because of CACI’s blend of people, culture, and agility, the organization has a unique ability to identify and respond to clients’ needs. CACI’s mission statement is, ‘Ever Vigilant’ and believes honesty with clients, delivering best services, products, and strategic focus will lead to continued success.


The vision of the organization is to remain...
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