Strategic Plan, Part Iii: Balanced Scorecard

Topics: Price, Statements, Foster care Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Conceptualizing Business
Children’s Resale Shop is a store for parents to purchase and sell quality children’s items. Just like any other organization Children’s Stop Resale Shop needs to have a vision, mission, and values in determining the strategic direction of the business. Developing the vision is important to know what direction the business is heading in. Laying out the guiding principles and values will assist in guiding the business in the correct directions. Children’s Stop Resale Shop will assist the community in becoming a better place by setting good examples.

Mission Statement
Children’s Stop Resale Shop specializes in quality children’s items. Children’s Stop Resale Shop is a resale store focused on the quality products that parents need priced within reason. The items in the store will be purchased by the owners from parent in the community with quality items. The items range from clothing to furniture, toys, and even winter coats and Halloween costumes. The owner will purchase the items from the parents on a consignment basis. This means the owner will place the item for a sale at a reasonable price; once the item sells the parent will receive 40% of the sale price. The money will be placed in an account until the adult returns to the store to pick up a check or use the money as a store credit. The items the shop is cannot sell will be donated to local families of foster children and shelters with children in need. In the local community there is one other children’s resale store that will purchase items at a price less than reasonable and sell the same items at a higher price than necessary. The owners believe this is the only way to make money. Vision Statement

Children’s Stop’s goal is to become the communities leading children’s resale shop, by supplying the community with quality products at a respectful price. The end of the first year the goal is to have the business be one of the best stores in the community for parents to turn...
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