Strategic Plan Part Ii: Swott Analysis

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  • Published : March 7, 2012
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Strategic Plan Part II: SWOTT Analysis

Irene C. Muñiz

University of Phoenix


Integrated Business Topics

Linda Torres-Kleinhans

March 10, 2011

For those customers who have made a choice of how they want to be cared for when stricken by an illness or injury, Agape Home Healthcare Services is the best home healthcare in the region. Agape Home Healthcare Services is where you will obtain the medical care service suited for your needs. The main focus and achievement of Agape Home Healthcare Services is to be your preferred provider of quality healthcare services in the home. The 24-hour service availability is an outstanding service for your medical care needs, which is a unique outpatient home healthcare commodity. In addition to providing you with a high quality nurses care, rehabilitative and home health aide.

Through a SWOTT analysis of Agape Home Healthcare Services the internal and external analysis will identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization in relation to its relation forces and trends which are: Economic, Legal and Regulatory, Technological, Innovation, Structure, Resources, and Culture will be explained.

SWOTT Analysis

To conduct a successful and appropriate SWOTT analysis of Agape Home Healthcare Services detailed inquiry in relation to the strengths of the organization, its resources, and the pros and cons of the organization, its position and strength in the market and its competition are required to be answered.

Alongside these, the company needs to assess which factors may cause a loss in its sales and revenue. Another area that needs to be looked at closely is the feedback of our customers from an internal and external perspective.

In order to outline the organizations future opportunities it is essential to find out the strengths and weaknesses first. An inquiry related to the customers’ preferences, technological changes and market trends and how the organization can deal with all these will support in assessing the opportunities of the organization. By assessing the strengths Agape Home Healthcare Services can lead to different opportunities, as well as, create new ones. More opportunities can be created by reducing various weaknesses.

As a final point, through the SWOTT analysis the threats which the organization is facing or might face can be found. Moreover, a SWOTT analysis diagnosis of the organizations’ threats concerning technological changes, market trends, competition in the market, its financial status or any difficulties that may arise. The analysis certainly will assist in the prevention of certain weaknesses to develop into threats.


The economic setting at Agape Home Healthcare Services is composed of the information relating to the products, services, tools and techniques. At Agape Home Healthcare Services quality home healthcare will be provided, hence the cost for the services are at minimal to our patients. We have different packages depending on the necessity of services that start at 800.00 a month, this package includes an initial assessment fee. Thereafter, packages of services range from 700.00 to 500.00 a month, in addition services are also offered on as needed basis and not necessarily on a packaged deal. Such services are billed on a per hour basis, as well as some of our durable medical equipment that we have available is sold at discounted prices. Agape Home Healthcare Services is able to pass this great saving on to our patients, as some of the funding for our organization is awarded through state grants which allow some of the services for our program.

It is highly required to monitor the economical weaknesses and threats which are faced by the organization, which makes it an essential contributing factor to the success of the organization. The current economy situation, is a major weakness at the...
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