Strategic Plan Part 2

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Strategic Plan Part 2 Swott Analysis

Marinell A Bobadilla


31 January, 2013
Prof. Thomas Westover

Strategic Plan Part 2 Swott Analysis
A business owner needs to realize that although there is huge potential to succeed there is equal potential to fail. One of the greatest factors of success or failure is external factors and how they will play a role in the operations of a business. In this paper there will be a definition of some external factors for the Corner Bakery and how well the deli adapts to these factors. Analysis of the supply chain of operations will also be taken into consideration along with the identification of other issues and opportunities that may occur. Economic, Legal, and Regulatory Forces and Trends

In regard to external social forces/trends, there are several forces that create an impact on my business. For one, the grip of obesity on America has forced several individuals, especially youngsters, to eat healthy, and reduce their waistlines. Indeed, one of the most successful fast food chains has not been KFC or Burger King, but has been Subway (Business Insider, 2012). With their attractive pricing and healthy options, Subway has been far more profitable where other restaurants and chains have faltered. The Corner Bakery has two distinct colleges within a nine mile radius of the deli, there be can expectations to find college aged individuals dominating a large percentage of the customers at restaurant later in the afternoons. Because these health trends are extremely popular among the youth, it makes sense that these social factors of health conformity are a huge positive trend toward the deli. College children are more likely to be health conscious because it is the norm to be in shape and fit at that age. Therefore, by eating healthy sandwiches provided by the deli, they are a positive external force. Competitive analysis as an external force/trend is quite interesting (Pearce & Robinson, 2009 p. 200.) Because the deli is in Southern California there is a high population of Hispanics. Mexican cuisine is quite prevalent in the area and a Chicago themed restaurant would be an outlier among the usual fast food chains and the family-owned restaurants. This provides an advantage as the deli has something new, and different to offer. In addition, the restaurant is in a downtown area gives advantages over restaurants not downtown. Downtown areas are usually home to many offices and small business employing workers. These businesses employ white-collared professionals who would most probably leave for lunch around the same time. Perhaps some sort of discount to employees who come in large groups could give the deli a loyal following. The installation of flat screen TVS displaying news items and economic information is material that is, generally, attractive to white-collared professionals. Because the deli will be in a location where these workers work, I have to cater to them this way and offer an attractive environment in which they can relax and unwind for lunch. Downtown areas are also hot spots for tourist exploring attractions of the city. As Southern California is a state with warm temperatures year round, I expect people to at least stop for food or for something to drink. Given that families that usually do not come downtown do not see my restaurant as often it may be an attractive choice to those who want to try something new. External technological forces/trends could go either way depending on how the business is opened (Pearce & Robinson, 2009.) First impressions do matter – as much as businesses do not want them to; with websites like, there are several reviews of businesses available online. could tend to influence easily a potential customer even though it is written by an amateur blogger– be it positive or negative. In this situation, it is very important that the restaurant makes a strong first impression. Older reviews...
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