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Comcast Corporation
Executive Summary
For the past 45 years Comcast Corporation has provided customers with variety of entertainment. Comcast is the fourth largest cable company in the world. Comcast is now serving more than 21 million customers. Comcast Corporation innovatively provided millions of customers with products and entertainment around the globe. Comcast Corporation has merged with different telecommunication companies as well as other entities such as E! Entertainment television, QVC, and others channels. Comcast Corporation goal is to become the number one cable provider in world (Comcast, 2008). Comcast is planning expanding globally. With the main competition with the Dish Television Network. Comcast’s have devised plans to make them the next global leaders of entertainment and telecommunications. Comcast Company’s biggest threat now is the hostile takeover of Satellite Companies. Comcast Corporation next plan is to retain their remaining customers as well as gain new customers. Comcast will use the SWOT analysis to explore their strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Company Background

Comcast Corporation was founded in 1963 by Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron, and Julian A. Brodsky. Comcast Corporation origin begun in the early 1960s in Tupelo, Mississippi was known then as American Cable System. Comcast Corporation is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the largest cable company in the United States. Comcast was incorporated in 1969 under the name Comcast Corporation from American Cable Systems. The word “Comcast” was derivative from the word “Communications” and “Broadcasting”. In the 1980s and 1990s Comcast merged with several cable telecommunication companies in the area as well as Microsoft. Comcast products consist of cable television, broadband Internet, Comcast Digital Voice, and Home Networking. Comcast Corporation revenue is 24.97 Billion and net income is 2.53 Billion annually. Comcast employees are 87,000. Comcast Corporation is now the leading cable, telecommunications, and entertainment firm in the industry. (Comcast, 2008). Mission Statement

The Comcast Cable mission statement is to become the global leader of entertainment and telecommunication by providing their customers with new communication technology, new opportunities, and more choices. Comcast want to continue to provide their customers with the latest global communication tool to enhance their products and services (Comcast, 2008). Comcast’s mission statement is to provide customers with entertainment globally. I believe that the Comcast Company should continue to focus on their customers and work even harder to retain them. With all of the competition from the Dish Television and other competitors Comcast should formulate and proposed a strategy. Comcast should focus more in providing 100% customer satisfaction to their subscribers. Recently, Comcast has decreased drastically with customers in the past and in some occasions customers jump ship to other subscribers such as other Dish networks. Instead of customer service team giving their customers the run around they should focus on finding ways to establish a relationship with their customers instead of passing the buck. Ways of doing that is too limited the hold time when dealing with customers. Next, make sure that Comcast customer team is very knowledgeable of their product and services. Finally, a team member should walk customers through a problem; become a problem solver to the customers. Vision Statement

Comcast’s vision statement is to become the nation’s leader in providing cable, entertainment, and communications products and services to their customers. As the company evolves into the future it will continue to provide customers with provision of communications technologies and more choices. At Comcast their commitment to diversity is to respect the individuality and dignity of others by respecting the differences and similarities of...
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