Strategic Plan for Influenza Flu

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January 30, 2013

Executive Summary
Significantly, this is a global plan intended for tracking and monitoring influenza pandemic flue. The presentation of dashboards and the step-by-step policy for practitioners to use is highly demonstrated. This illustrates the actuality of the fact that an influenza pandemic is a global outbreak caused by a new influenza virus. These viruses spread easily from one person to the other. They also cause serious illness for the reason that people have little resistance to the new virus. In this regard, the public health officials are warned that this global influenza pandemic is overdue. Hence, with effective planning, this can help achieve the reduction of illness as well deaths and even the social disruption caused by an influenza pandemic. This paper is intended to develop a detailed Comprehensive Plan for an Influenza Pandemic to provide guidance on how a particular health care system will be able to respond to an influenza pandemic. Strategic Goals:

▪ To reduce severe illness and overall deaths by means of suitable management of the existing health care system; and ▪ To decrease societal disturbance as a result of an influenza pandemic. Assumptions:

▪ The response to a pandemic depends on the severity of the influenza pandemic. ▪ When influenza pandemic strain is detected mild this means, it does not cause severe illness or even more deaths as compared to the seasonal influenza. This cannot be vital of activating all the aspects of the health care provider.

A Dashboard and the Step-by-Step Policy for Practitioners
|Period |Step |Description | | |1 |No detection of new influenza virus subtypes in humans. An influenza virus subtype | | | |with which it caused infection on human may be existed in animals. Once it is present | | | |in animals, the risk of human infection can be taken as low. | |Interpandemic Duration* | | | | |2 |No detection of new influenza virus subtypes in humans. On the other hand, there is a | | | |position of a circulating animal influenza virus subtype which will be considered as | | | |substantial risk of human disease. | | |3 |New subtype detection from human infections, but there is no spreading to | | | |person-to-person or at most rare incidents, there is spreading of a new subtype to a | | | |close contact. | | | | | | | | | |Pandemic Alert Duration** | | | | |4 |Transmission of small clusters with limited person-to-person. Yet, the spreading is | | | |highly localized which offers a suggestion that the virus is not well...
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