Strategic Plan for Cluj Recycling Program

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Waste Pages: 13 (2576 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Job Creation Through an Integrated Recycling Program for Cluj-Napoca

Presented By: Sabrina Belean
Presented To: Professor Jaliu
Topic: Project Management

POS MEDIU Project Area: Waste Management

Organization Initiating the Project: Primaria Municipiului Cluj-Napoca (Cluj-Napoca City Hall)

Stakeholder Analysis
Internal stakeholders:
Primaria Municipului Cluj-Napoca (Cluj-Napoca City Hall)
Rosal Grup
Bratner Veres S.A.
Agentia Judeteana Pentru Ocuparea Fortei de Munca (AJPOFM)
Ministeriul Mediului si Schimbarilor Climatice (MMSC)
Employees of Cluj-Napoca Integrated Recycling Program

External Stakeholders:
Asociatiile de Locatari
RoRec (NGO)
Guerilla Verde (NGO)
Municipiul Fortei de Munca Cluj (MFMC)

Power /Interest Grid for Stakeholder Prioritization

|S -Stakeholders have vested interested in developing the |W-Rosal and Veres are offering similar services and the | |recycling program because of EU standards |competition could create unsettlements | |-Stakeholders have common goals and objectives thus having a |-Workers might not seek long term employment in this sector if | |complimentary relationship |the MFMC and the AJOPFM do not properly inform the prospective | |-They have already formed or can easily form strong partnerships |workers of the conditions, pay and requirements | |which are sustainable |-The NGOs might not work together for the marketing campaigns or | |- |have a weak approach to reaching the public | |O – NGOs and media services will help develop the project with |T– Competition between Rosal and Veres can detriment the | |minimal costs for marketing |project’s development and completion | |-Public organizations will recruit and create work contracts for |-Money for the project can be “mishandled” by the City Hall and | |potential employees |the project will have insufficient funds to be sustained | |-Rosal Grup and Veres S.A. have a similar service which can be |-Workers might be fired due to a mismanaged budget if the project| |integrated in the funding provided |is not handled with all resources allocated properly | |-A friendly form of competition between the two recycling | | |providers can be established to put the program in motion in a | | |short period of time with maximum results | |

Problem Analysis
Romania’s waste managements systems are proving to be sub-par according to the European Union’s standards. This project’s focus is on Cluj-Napoca’s waste management and Recycling system . The Recycling project presented will address two main issues:

1.The increase of recycling of materials without contamination 2.Job creation through this recycling program

Statistical data has been collected regarding the municipal waste generated in Romania. The municipal waste in Romania is mainly landfilled and only 2% is recycled.

Out of the total municipal waste around 40% of the municipal waste components are recyclable materials out of which about 20% can be recovered as they are not contaminated. As a result of selective collection, only 2% of the total recyclable materials generated are recovered. The rest is disposed by landfilling.



Source: HBR Coca-Cola


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