Strategic Plan Analysis: Automation Consulting Services

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Strategic Plan Analysis
Automation Consulting Services

The three founding partners of Automation Consulting Services (ACS) are meeting in the weekend, as they have done twice a year for the past six years, to discuss how business is going and to plan the future. ACS has four offices, one in Boston, one in Philadelphia, one in Detroit and one in San Jose. Before the three founding partners met they visited all four offices and discussed the situation at each office with the partners and managers at each office. During Saturday and Sunday they discuss their concerns and ideas they came across while visiting the offices. On Saturday they make sure they cover all their concerns and ideas, and they will use that to write down an agenda for Sunday to discuss solutions and plans to deal with all the concerns.

The founders came across several concerns while visiting the four offices. San Jose: the founders don’t agree with the management style of the San Jose partner/manager. They use a billing practice that exploits the ceiling price they use in their contracts, to “subsidize” another job that was going over its budget. In Detroit, they have some big projects going on, but no leads for new project opportunities. In Boston the manager accepted an offer for a job they didn’t really possessed the required knowledge and skills for, causing the project to go over budget, time and to hire outside specialists. Finally, in Philadelphia founder Jack Leland found an issue he suspects is an issue for the entire firm. He believes because the focus is on revenues, they exclude expenses. He feels like expense levels are out of control.

They have experiences a lot of revenue growth, allowing them to invest those revenues in whatever they deem necessary to make improvements in the firm. The firm also has three highly qualified, experienced and competent founding partners to lead the company in the right direction.

The founding partners...
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