Strategic Plan

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Strategic planning Pages: 14 (4926 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Strategic Plan
Drew Luke
University of Phoenix
STR/581 – Strategic Planning & Implementation
Paul Sam
December 9, 2010
Week 6

Table of Contents
Executive SummaryPage 3
Company BackgroundPage 3 - 5
Environmental ScanPage 5 - 11
Organizational StrategyPage 11 - 14
Implementation PlanPage 14 - 16
Risk Management PlanPage 16 - 17

Strategic Plan
This paper will compile the various assignments from previous weeks to establish a completed strategic plan. An executive summary will be provided, along with the company’s background, mission, vision, and value statements. Additionally the previously constructed environmental scan will be further illustrated. The selected business strategy will be discussed. The final components of this plan will include the implementation and risk management plan. As previously mentioned the company being discussed is that of “Dreamz” a wedding planning business. Executive Summary

The report following this summary is that of a strategic plan for “Dreamz” a wedding consulting firm. The company’s core values are based around taking a clients dream and making a reality, and to do all the work so they can enjoy the party. “Dreamz” is designed to meet with clients to discuss what they consider to be their dream wedding. Based on this meeting the consultant will begin to pull resources from the various vendors which “Dreamz” has partnered with. Once the package has been pulled together the complete package will be presented to the client for final approval. The key aspect of the process is that “Dreamz” believes in order to make its clients truly comfortable and satisfied with the experience they must feel a sense of ownership of the project, therefore client involvement in decision making or finalizing decisions is vital. The wedding industry has been experiencing a 20% growth over the last five years, therefore it is predicted that with this growth “Dreamz” will begin as a locally based company in Houston, TX growing nationally within a year of start-up and within two years of start-up becoming global. The advancements in technology simply ease the ability for “Dreamz” to expand. In order for the company to begin a central office, staff, equipment, marketing, and vendor relationships must be established and assigned to appropriate staff members with final deadlines for complete start-up set for February 18, 2011. Vision

The vision of “Dreamz” is designed to motivate its staff to provide excellent service to build such a reputation to which each member will have the opportunity to travel and experience opportunities beyond the normal realm in which they reside (Pearce & Robinson, 2011). “Dreamz” will begin by offering services within a confined area, more specifically within the city of Houston, TX. Once the company has achieved a level of understanding and had time to learn from experience within a span of approximately two to three years the company will begin to launch out into traveling statewide to reach a larger client base. Within a matter of ten years the company will be established at a level being able to travel nationally to service clients, and within fifteen years the company will become global. This will be achieved through a development of word of mouth advertising. Several barriers exist to the vision of such growth such as vendor availability, client relations, travel, and natural disasters. However, the company will remain centralized in Houston, TX and will remain on a personal level of business. Ultimately the founder Drew Luke has a vision of benchmarking successful traveling business practices from various other industries such as the interior design industry and clothing design industry. Both industries typically start on a small scale and grow gradually toward a global market through travel while remaining centralized in one space. Mission

The mission of the company is to ensure the clients have a truly...
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