Strategic Philanthropy Project

Topics: McDonald's, Social responsibility, Ronald McDonald House Charities Pages: 5 (1713 words) Published: July 26, 2011
Strategic philanthropy is an endeavor of the company in aligning its goals and markets with social responsibility in the community. McDonald’s company has effectively participated in corporate social responsibility (Goodsearch). The company has demonstrated a continuous trend in changing the world. The area of concentration has been environmental conservation and community social services development. To achieve this, the company works in unison with suppliers and its owners or operators. According to Kotler and Lee, McDonald’s CEO Jim Cantalupo in 2003 stated that the program of McDonald on social responsibility has no basis of season endeavors, but it is a continuous process for the company. The CEO further claimed that McDonald business activities would continue to occur in line with acting responsibly. That is the company has a commitment of acting in a social responsible manner throughout (7). Corporate Social Responsibility model applies to all businesses, organizations and institutions irrespective of their nature. As such, their operations need to incorporate the element of corporate social responsibility in order to develop the society. However, the key focus in recent discussions has a basis in large companies and government departments. This is because large companies are associated with a well-developed financial strength; therefore, they are expected to give back to the society in an unlimited manner. This minimizes the chances of emerging businesses, organizations or institutions adopting Corporate Social Responsibility. Giving back to the community:

McDonald Company has participated actively in giving back to the society. In this, McDonald Company is involved in the creation of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). RMHC has inherent programs, which address well being and health of children (Goodsearch). These programs include Ronald McDonald House program, Ronald McDonald Care Mobile program, and Ronald McDonald Family Room program. RMHC has opened doors to a wide network around the world reach a large community with different needs in the world. The program has a number of more than 270 houses in at least 30 nations that create a room for shelter of thousands of families. The program provides a home to the homeless each night. The mobile program on its side consists of 31 Care Mobile programs in at least four nations. The program ensures that undeserved children in their locality receive education, dental and medical services. The services delivery occurs through the provision of fleet vehicles. Finally, the family program consists of 110 Family Rooms distributed in at least 13 nations. These rooms ensure that hospitalized families enjoy an adequate time with their children (SAGE Publications 18). The program ensures that families have all the time needed in a family life for recreation purposes. As such, the tie between the parents and children is never broken. McDonald has an effective system to facilitate giving back to the community which conducts annual global fundraiser; the theme of fundraising being World Children’s Day. Since 2002, the initiative has collected an approximate value of $100 million. The amount finds use in charities designed for children and RHMC (Kotler and Lee 40). This program has effectively aided the company in raising funds to meet most of its community-based projects. Relief efforts:

McDonald has demonstrated an effective effort in responding to disasters. The devastating 20110 earthquake left the people of Haiti vulnerable as never before. Thanks to McDonald's and its sister company, Arcos Dorados which operates relief effort, all McDonald food chains in Latin America region contributed 50 cents on each sale of Big Mac sandwiches and Big Mac Extra Value Meals they made toward relief efforts in Haiti. The company’s customers, suppliers, and employees took part in a fund drive that raised a total of $ 1,147,000 million....
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