Strategic Options for Managing Change

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  • Published : August 27, 2012
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Assessment 2

Worth 30%

This assessment is designed to test your ability to appraise appropriate change strategies and processes. For this assessment you are required to consider strategic options for change in a given scenario. This will involve the analysis of one case study in the light of the course material to date and your own independent research. The case to be considered will be advised to you separately. You have been ‘volunteered’ to present a written report in response to some specific questions. Further background to your actual role is described in the Format and length section below. Although those aspects covered in Module 1 cannot be ignored, the emphasis of this assessment relates to the material in Module 2. Where appropriate, draw parallels with your own learning or experiences but ensure that these do not detract from the primary objective.

Format and length
The format should be in the form of a written report to the organisation’s Management Board. You should assume that you are a permanent employee and a member of the Management Board. You may also assume that you are not concerned about your own future in the organisation — so your report should be objective and impartial! Although you have been asked specific questions, ensure that your completed assignment is appropriately integrated. Appropriate headings and a Table of Contents should be provided, but do not present separate answers to the questions. An Executive Summary is not required.

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71338/A The Board is under a lot of pressure at present and the Chief Executive Officer has demanded that your report be no longer than 2000 words. You may take the liberty to add appendices without any fear of retribution - as long as those appendices are appropriate.

What are the strategic options for managing change?

The Management Board’s questions are set out below: 1....
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