Strategic Marketing Plan of Dell

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Unit name| Strategy Management|
Date| 28th Mar. 2013|
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Assignment name| Strategic Marketing Plan of Dell|
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Strategic Marketing Plan

Of Dell


1.0 Executive Summary……….………..2
3.0Current Situation3
4.0External Analysis:3
4.1 PEST analysis3
4.2 Poter’s five forces4
5.0Internal Analysis5
6.0Issue Definitions7
7.0Development Strategies8
7.1 Product operation and sales strategy8
7.2 Cooperation Strategy9
7.3 B2B Innovation Strategy10
8.0Selection of Alternatives11
9.1 Justification of selecting B2B Innovation Strategy12
9.2 Specific Action Plan12

1.0 Executive Summary
The report will focus on the purpose of analyzing the current situation, the development and some of the problem of Dell in Singapore. The report will deeply analyze internal and external analysis and the issues of Dell from the current situation and past performance assessment researches. It will also research on the development strategies which are about the plan of Dell. Besides, the evaluation about the situation and issues of company will be given to find out the solutions The research was commissioned to find out why Dell, the first rating company of personal computer and laptop in the world, got some problem and complaint from their own royal customer in Singapore. In 2005, Dell expands their business in Singapore and become one of the most reliable technology companies. However, in recent years, Dell Singapore has dropped their sales. By using the PESTEL, internal, external analysis, the report will define the problem that Dell Singapore is suffering from. For detail, Dell has to face many challenges and issues in ineffective management, declining marketing sales and increasing competitiveness. Poor customer service, improper market positioning and target market by misreading the desire of its customer in Singapore. Further investigations reveal that Dell was on the weak side when they have to face the increasing competitiveness from strong competitors since smartphones and tablets are in the top of demand of market today. The current situation and problem lead to the fact that Dell should change their strategic management and marketing plan. Through the analysis mentioned above, the report evaluates that Dell should focus on some clear market objectives. Dell should retain their position and increase 8% of net profit and 5% of market share in the next 2 years. Moreover, Dell should reinforce its development center so that they can offer the high quality product and service through R&D to increase the sale.

2.0 Introduction

In 1984, an American founded a multinational computer technology corporation based on his name which was Dell. It was one of the largest technological corporations in the world. Dell started growing and gained market share from 1997 to 2004 and maintained the No.1 rating in PC reliability and customer service. In 1999, Dell released Compaq which was the largest PC manufacturer during this time. In 2005, Dell started the business in one of the largest market in the world which was Singapore (Dell, Inc 2013). It expended successfully its business into Singapore Market by foreign direct investment (FDI) entry strategy. This report will analyze the current situation and the development of Dell Singapore including internal and external analysis, issues and evaluations as well as the solutions.

3.0Current Situation

From the first day of founding company, Dell has been rated as the most well-known personal computer and laptop in the world with their great marketing and sale plan....
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