Strategic Marketing Plan

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Jacqueline E. Fauria
American Intercontinental University
Strategic Marketing Plan:
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MKT640 – A Managerial Approach to Marketing
May 22, 2011

This paper covers the objectives of Aquarium Solutions, the customer and competitive targets, our core strategy and marketing mix. The marketing mix portion of this paper discusses our plans for pricing and distribution channel choices, as well as communications and promotions choices.

Strategic Marketing Plan:
Aquarium Solutions
Aquarium Solutions started a few weeks ago as an idea, one that has been in the making very slowly to become a possible reality it is now. The culmination of the last few weeks work is presented in this paper; it has been a good challenge to put a whole system together as a project and a more enjoyable means of learning. Mission Statement

Our mission statement: “At Aquarium Solutions our goal is to provide the best possible all around fish, animal and aquarium care that we can. We want you, our customers to feel like we care for your fish and aquariums like they are our own. Our level of professionalism is indicated by the task we perform. We plan on letting potential customers know by going to their offices or homes for an initial consultation free, their success as an aquarium owner and aquatic animal keeper is important to us. Aquarium Solutions is dedicated to the customer’s success not just their business. Objectives

Using the SMART system for new businesses, the one year plan is: S- Specific: Our goal is to have at least fifty loyal customers. To ensure success, our goal is realistic and attainable. If business goes better than planned, adjustments will be made. M-Measureable: To maintain a positive climb in return customers ensures we are doing things right to meet the fifty customer goal. This measurement is progressive with the continuance of our services. A-Attainable: With the market we serve being small, our goal of fifty customers in our first year is attainable, all though we may need to service hundreds of aquariums; the goal is not too high, or too low. This attainability can be adjusted to meet increased service demands. R-Realistic: Realistically there will be a lot of work involved is obtaining that loyal customer we seek. It may require that we provide service hundreds of customers who may not return, but word of mouth advertising is very important in this stage of development. The best of service we can provide may get a few new customers for one that did not become a loyal customer. T- Tangible and trackable: We all know the saying, the best laid plans. With all that is involved in starting a business; the biggest goal, is to follow the plan. Monthly goals can help achieve what we consider success. Ensuring that all employees understand what is expected of them and what our goals as a business are is a necessity. By achieving small tasks, we will achieve the larger goals. Customer Targets

The general target market that Aquarium Solutions seeks will be the professional offices of Doctors, Dentists, Physical Therapists, General Practitioners, and Massage Therapists. Professional offices in the medical or medical related field are the perfect customers. Many of these types of offices have aquariums in the waiting areas, because the atmosphere that the aquarium generates is calm and peaceful. It has been shown to help patients relax while waiting. The rest of our target market will be comprised of general households ranging in age from ten to sixty. The large gap in age is because everyone loves an aquarium. In the State of Washington, There are only fifteen companies listed that provide aquarium cleaning services (Nationwide Aquarium Cleaning Services 1998). This leaves the service market area pretty wide open and limited only by what Aquarium Solutions as a new business can take on and how fast it can expand. Competitor Targets...
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