Strategic Marketing Management Paper

Topics: Marketing research, Marketing, The Book Show Pages: 21 (7262 words) Published: May 30, 2013

By: Group 4 – Lowery D. Lockard; Brian Harrison; Michael Newby, Jenna Seemann. (No submission from Raymond Washington) BUSI 520 – Liberty University

Product Background Information

Terrifying, yet inspiring, a fall from stage talent to C-5 quadriplegic proves that, in our darkest moments, faith and determination can prevail! Our product is an awe-inspiring autobiography written by the recently crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA, Tasha Schuh. The book features two hundred and fifty pages detailing Tasha’s amazing journey. After showcasing her talent as the lead in her high school’s production of Grease, Tasha Schuh began to dream of a career in theatre. No one presumed that the stage itself would steal her dream—and almost her life—during a rehearsal for her next big show. Just days before her opening night performance in The Wizard of Oz, Tasha took one step backward and fell 16 feet through a trap door. Landing on the concrete floor below the stage, she spent the next three days preparing for a surgery that would at best leave her a C-5 quadriplegic. Post-op complications turn Tasha’s struggle and ultimate triumph into an unbelievable journey. From loss and grief, to self-discovery and achievement, Tasha’s faith, resilience, and honesty have allowed her to leave the old Tasha behind while she confronts the new Tasha’s life from a state of the art wheelchair. This poignant memoir from the current Ms. Wheelchair USA inspires readers to welcome adversity—to “face your own trap door of opportunity.” Tasha constantly says, “… every day is a gift… and I will never take a step backward again.” This book is just one example of how she lives these words everyday and inspires others to do the same, no matter what their “trap door” might be.

Firm History

The book was published in December 2012, and initial response to the book has been tremendous. Two additional printings have already been ordered with a third printing expected in late April 2013. The Dane Foundation and the Ms. Wheelchair USA organization are marketing & promoting the book. The Dane Foundation was founded eight years ago, in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio by five friends determined to make a unique difference in the lives of those with disabilities. The Dane Foundation is headquartered in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, but services and supports are promoted on a national, grassroots level. The 501C3 organization’s mission is to provide for the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, single mothers and their children with disabilities, and senior citizens. In addition, the organization has a mandate to provide programs that promote acceptance and understanding of individuals served, utilizing unique information and learning avenues. One of those unique avenues is the Ms. Wheelchair USA program. Ms. Wheelchair USA began as a state competition more than fourteen years ago. Women with disabilities from all over Ohio would trek to the Akron area for a four-day, televised live competition, which promoted their abilities, despite disabilities. After much persistence from women all over the country, the organization expanded and founded the national competition six years ago. Each year twelve national finalists are selected from countrywide applicants and then they compete in the weeklong national finals held each July in Northeast Ohio. Contestants participate in several interview competitions, a platform presentation, evening gown competition, and of course, several production numbers live on stage as well as community based activities throughout the week. The mission of the Ms. Wheelchair USA program is to promote glamour, self-confidence and community service…celebrating the achievements of women with disabilities. Ms. Wheelchair USA became a program under The Dane Foundation’s umbrella when producer Lowery D. Lockard co-founded The Dane Foundation...
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