Strategic Marketing Management of Oil and Gas Industry: a Review of Literature

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  • Published: November 28, 2011
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E3 Journal of Business Management and Economics Vol. 1(1). pp. 001-009, October, 2010 Available online © 2010 E3 Journals


Strategic Marketing Management of Oil and Gas Industry: A Review of Literature Akinyele, Samuel Taiwo
School of Business Studies, Covenant University,Ota-Nigeria. Accepted 27 September 2010

The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on strategic marketing management. This study adopted an expost facto research methodology to examine the strategic marketing management literature in an attempt to attain their desired level of performance. The overall findings suggest that strategic marketing is a driver of organizational positioning in a dynamic environment, and that it helps to enhance the development of new products/services for existing markets. These findings, along with other interesting findings of the study, are discussed. From the empirical and anecdotal managerial evidence as well as from the literature, implications are drawn for the efficient and effective strategic marketing practices in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Based on the findings of the study, the concepts and principles of total quality management within a holistic framework it is recommended that (i) efforts should be made by organizational marketers towards understanding the relevant economic factors that affect both clients’ behaviour and the strategic options that may be adopted to cope with such behaviours; (ii) in a constantly changing business environment, firms can adopt different strategic marketing practices since the yardstick is the enhancement of business performance. KEYWORDS: Strategic Marketing, Strategies, Dynamic environment, Deployment, Resources, Management Introduction The sensitivity of the petroleum resource is clearly reflected in the fact that it has remained or continued to be the goose that lays golden eggs for the Nigerian economy as well as the supreme...
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