Strategic Marketing Management

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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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| |Edexcel Level 7 | | | |BTEC Postgraduate Advanced Diploma Management Studies |[pic] | | |FINAL ASSESSMENT ACTIVITY : | | | |UNITS No: 07 | | | |Strategic Marketing Management | |


This unit provides the learner with the understanding and skills to support active engagement in the process of strategic marketing management.

Summary of Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the principles of strategic marketing management

2. Understand the tools used to develop a strategic marketing strategy

3. Be able to use strategic marketing techniques

4. Be able to respond to changes in the marketing environment

Unit Introduction:
Marketing is at the core of business. Outperforming the competition requires solid marketing knowledge and precise marketing decision making. An organisation’s positioning, and the positioning of its products and services, depends on the formulation and implementation of intelligent and well-informed strategic marketing plans.

All organisations operate in a dynamic marketplace. Competition, consumers, technology and market forces constantly redefine the way organisations operate. Staying competitive means that organisations need to continuously adjust and adapt their customer approach to meet changing needs and expectations. This is increasingly important with the globalisation of markets and the rapid increase in competition from emerging nations such as China, India and Brazil. In today’s markets, it is imperative that organisations focus on establishing, developing and adjusting their strategic marketing plans if they are to remain competitive. Strategic marketing is a way of focusing an organisation's energies and resources on a course of action that can lead to increased sales and dominance of a targeted market. A strategic marketing strategy combines product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements of marketing. It identifies an organisation’s strategic marketing goals, and explains how they will be achieved, ideally within a designated timeframe.

Without a strategic marketing plan, organisations can waste resources, miss opportunities or, in a worse case scenario, threaten their own survival. Strategic marketing executives have up-to-date knowledge of competitive dynamics and know how to integrate marketing strategy into an overall business strategy. Strategic marketing management provides a comprehensive examination of all the major components of marketing strategies and their integration into organisations. It is the basis for continued success in highly competitive markets.


To be able to write this assignment and meet all the assessment criteria, you will be required to select an organisation you are very familiar with. It is important that you should have a detailed knowledge of this organisation because you will be required to answer a number of questions on the basis of your knowledge of this organisation. It could be one where you are working or have worked in the past. Or the one, which you have special interest with. The knowledge that you must have about...
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