Strategic Marketing- Led Market Segmentation

Topics: Lighting, Light-emitting diode, LED lamp Pages: 20 (5345 words) Published: February 19, 2013
University Utara Malaysia

Master of Business Administration (SCM)


Year : 2012
Lecturer: Prof.Madya Dr.Sa’ari Bin Ahmad

Date of Submission: 04 November 2012

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Table of contents

Introduction Page 3-4
Mission Page 5
Vision Page 5
Objectives Page 5
LUMILEDS Business & activities Page 6-7
Segmentation Page 7-9
Target Market Page 10
Company Analysis (SWOT) Page 11-14
Market Analysis Page 15- 18
Product-Market Growth Strategies Page 18- 21
Selecting a Product-market Growth Strategy Page 22
Strategic Issues that may arise in LUMILEDS Page 23-25
Potential Problems that may or may not arise in LUMILEDS Page 26-27 Recommendations Page 28
Strategic Direction Summary Page 29
Appendix Page 30


Philips Lighting is the leading provider of lighting solutions and applications both for professional and consumer markets, transforming how lighting is used to enhance the human experience in the places where people live and work. Whether at home, on the road, in the city, shopping, at work or at school, Philips Lighting are creating lighting solutions that transform environments, create experiences, and help shape identities. Philips Lighting serve our customers through a market segment approach which encompasses Homes, Office and Outdoor, Industry, Retail, Hospitality, Entertainment, Healthcare and Automotive. For these segments Philips Lighting provide a wide range of offerings from across the entire lighting value chain from light sources, Luminaires and lighting controls to lighting solutions and services. Headquartered in the San Jose California, Philips employs over 122,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries worldwide. With sales of EUR 22.6 billion in 2011, the company is a market leader in energy efficient lighting solutions and new lighting applications, as well as lifestyle products for personal well-being and pleasure with strong leadership positions in LED lighting. LUMILEDS began as the optoelectronics division in Hewlett-Packard (HP) almost 40 years ago. Hewlett-Packards' experts literally wrote the book on LEDs. In the late 1990's, recognizing the potential for solid-state lighting, HP and Philips, one of the world's leading lighting companies, began exploring how they could work together and deliver a new solid-state lighting solution to the market. In 1999 HP split its company into two, and the optoelectronics group was assigned to the new Agilent Technologies. In November of the same year, recognizing the enormous potential for LEDs, Agilent Technologies and Philips (NYSE:PHG) formed LUMILEDS and assigned it the responsibility of developing and marketing the world's brightest LEDs and enabling a new world of light. In 2005, Philips acquired Agilent Technologies’ interest in LUMILEDS. Today, the company continues to lead the industry in the development and release of increasingly brighter and technically advanced solid-state lighting technology. Shares of Royal Philips Electronics are listed on the stock exchanges of Amsterdam and New York. |City |Exchange |Ticker | |Amsterdam |Euronext |PHIA | |New York |New York Stock Exchange |PHG |

 In Mid 2011, Pierre Yves Lesaicherre was hired as the new CEO to replace Mike Holt who has been driving the company to excellence since LUMILEDS Lighting was established. On January 30, 2012, the Board of...
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