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Table of Contents
Suzlon Positioning5
Organization Structure of Suzlon Group6
Organizational Structure7
Business Strategy9
Porter’s Five Competitive Forces11
SWOT Analysis21
Tows Matrix26
Suzlon’s low cost strategy27
Competitive Strengths30
Product-Market Characteristics34
End To End Solutions Models35
Corporate Social Responsibility37
Summary and Recommendation39

About the Company
Suzlon Energy is a global wind power company based in India. Suzlon is a market leader in Renewable Energy Resources segment in India. It specializes in providing total solutions in Wind Power Generation with cohesive integration of consultancy, design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance services. Currently, Suzlon is ranked as fifth leading wind turbine manufacturer in the world in terms of cumulative installed capacity, at the end of 2011. Suzlon delivers end-to-end wind power solutions from assembly, installation to commissioning. The company manufactures blades, generators, panels, and towers in-house and state-of-the-art large or offshore turbines through its subsidiary REpower. The company is integrated downstream and delivers turnkey projects through its project management and installation consultancy, and operations & maintenance services. Suzlon is a multinational company with offices, R&D and technology centers, manufacturing facilities and service support centers spread across the globe.

The seeds of Suzlon were sown by Mr. Tulsi R. Tanti’s venture into the textile industry. Faced with soaring power costs and the infrequent availability of power, he looked to wind energy as an alternative. Beginning with a wind farm project he set forth to acquire the basic technology and varied expertise to set up Suzlon Energy Limited - India’s first home-grown wind technology company. Suzlon began with a wind farm project in the Gujarat state of India in 1995 with a capacity of just 3 MW and has, at the end of 2011, approaching 20,000 MW of installations across the world. Today Suzlon is being ranked the 5th leading wind power equipment manufacturer with a global market share of 7.6%. Suzlon in India has a cumulative installed base of over 7300 MW across 8 states, acquired over 42% (as of 31 March 2011) cumulative market share and is the market leader for the last 14 consecutive years.


✓ To be the technology leader in the wind sector
✓ To be in the top three wind companies in all the key markets of the world ✓ To be the global leader in providing profitable, end-to-end wind power solutions. ✓ To be the ‘company of choice’ for stakeholders


To pursue social, economic and ecological sustainable development for our planet.  


Our mission of quality is to maintain a satisfied customer base, qualitative supplier base and a highly motivated workforce by delivering quality products and services. In order to achieve our mission, we commit ourselves to:  ✓ Institutionalize customer focus with timely delivery, quality and product performance that satisfies our customer’s needs and expectations thereby forging confidence and long term relationships with our customer. ✓ Establish a qualitative supplier base having strong focus on quality systems, products and continual improvement ✓ Pursue total quality in every aspect of our organization creating an environment conducive for team work of a highly trained and motivated workforce who are empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Suzlon Positioning

This year was an important one for the Company, marking 15 years of existence and 17 GW installations worldwide. Suzlon has achieved over 6 GW of cumulative installations in India, nearly half of the country’s total wind installations. Suzlon is the fifth largest...
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