Strategic Management Model

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Strategic Management Model

By | August 2009
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Strategic Management Model
The Sedgwick County Mission Statement reads as follows: Our Mission is ... To assure quality public services that provide for the present and future well being of the citizens of Sedgwick County. “... To be the best we can be” In order for us to be successful in fulfilling this Mission and accomplishing our Strategic Goals, this organization has recognized that we must have a process that ensures informed decision making. Following the initial round of strategic planning for the organization as a whole and each of the departments, a group of department heads, supervisors, and employees began the process of designing a management system that could be used by all departments, divisions, supervisors, and employees to ensure that we were making the best decisions for this organization. The result was a six step process known as the Strategic Management Model. Although the word Management appears in the title of this model, that does not mean this system of informed decision making is reserved for the exclusive use of managers and supervisors. Groups of employees can also use this model for decision making and problem solving. Used appropriately the six steps of the model, (define the issue and/or opportunity, identify key stakeholders, understand the current situation from all perspectives, create a preferred future, agree on measurable outcomes/develop a plan, and monitor progress/make course corrections), will enable both supervisors and employees to ensure that they are making good decisions. The model is designed as a circle to indicate that this is a continuous process. Once an issue/opportunity has been defined and dealt with using the model, course corrections are also made using the model. This process of continually dealing with others in the decision making process broadens the perspective of the issue and allows for additional input into defining the issue, understanding how it impacts others, and what they would prefer to see...

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