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Table of Contents
The forming strategy of Kao2
The main features of the strategy formation processes3
The main features be applied to the current activities of Kao Corporation4
The main industry factors affecting the key players in the current market place shaped by Kao and its main competitors6
Learning and Learning Organization8
The differences between Learning Organization and Organizational Learning8
Build a Learning Organization in Kao9
Corporate philosophy and type of structure, culture and leadership style in Kao10
The current position of Kao and its business, the view expressed by Dr. Maruta still relevant in today’s global objective11

With more than 550 products, Kao Corporation is the largest manufacturer of household products in Japan. Founded in 1887, the consumer-oriented company has established a reputation as a quality producer of chemicals, including fatty chemicals, edible oils, detergents, household products, cosmetics, aural products, sanitary products, and food additives. Kao is also a leader in the manufacture of floppy disks and other communication/information technologies. The corporation, which is committed to bringing quality products to consumers around the world, has operations in twenty-five countries in Asia, North America, and Europe.

The forming strategy of Kao
There are many way for Kao on how did its strategy was made. In the strategy process, there are many idea comes up to generate a strategy which is call as “intended strategy” which is the first step to create a basic view for Kao (often suggested by individuals). The process of an intended strategy is called as “strategy formulation”. Intended strategy might be considered as “classical perspective” which it’s about not focus on the effect of the environment factors. But Kao did the further step, from “intended strategy” as a basic view, Kao continue using “realized strategy” to enhance the view for its operation. Because if Kao pass the environment factors, what would happen to them if it might take a huge risk or damage to the operation? The process of realized strategy is called as “strategy formation”. The process of strategy formation is like follow: (see Appendix 1) Identifying

The first step of this process is “Identifying”. Meaning to make clear of all the relevant things to Kao; to have a better understanding of Kao; providing a good view of Kao situation for manager to make their objective; to deal with the current problems and also looking for good opportunities in future. Kao mission is to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally and to contribute the sustainability of the world, with products and brands of excellent value that are created from the consumer’s and customer’s perspective. Diagnosing

The following step of “Identifying” is “Diagnosing” the further problems may face or the potential may get in the future. Kao is not only considering about the “Internal assessment” such as assess about the human, financial and other resources but also about the “external assessment” such as legal factors, competitive activities and economy advantages/disadvantages. Conceiving

After all of the “identifying” and “diagnosing” problems or issues, “Conceiving” is where the idea comes up with. In this step, “option generation” is a course of actions that are contribute by the member of the organization, in Kao operation, idea may come from all member of company due to the applying of paperweight organization culture. After gather all the options, the next step is selecting the potential idea that can become a solution/ strategy for Kao. This process is called as “option selection”. Realizing

The final step of forming a strategy is implementing the strategy that selected from the last step. “Realizing” refers to all the actions in practice. “Action taking” which mean the...
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