Strategic Management: Course Description

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Strategic Management 66.490.213 Spring, 2013 Donald Barry, Ph.D. Office: TBA Email: Phone: TBA Class Time for section 213: Monday and Wednesday 2-3:15 PM Office hours: By appointment CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Strategic management is an integration of knowledge in the various functional areas of management toward solutions affecting the character and success of the total enterprise i.e. performance. PLACE IN CURRICULUM AND REQUIREMENT FOR GRADUATION Strategic management is required of all seniors in the Manning School of Management. Pre-requisites are as follows: 61.301, 62.201, 63.301, 63.371, 66.301 and Senior Level. Effective, January 2003, the minimum GPA required for graduation is 2.20 for all Manning School courses ( and an overall GPA of 2.00. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Overall, the course has three objectives. First, the course should help you to understand how businesses formulate, develop and implement strategy. Secondly, the course should promote your ability to critically analyze a business's strategies and to be able to modify them to achieve more optimal results. Finally, the course should promote your ability to think strategically in a global, constantly changing world and to generate strategic alternatives for all types of organizations whether they be profit, non-profit or governmental. COURSE EXPECTATIONS: You should approach this course with the same seriousness and dedication as you would any important job. You will get out of this course what you put in so if you are to derive the most out of this class you must put your best in. 1. Understand the course syllabus. It will set work load expectations 2. Be on time for class and be in a "learning frame of mind". 3. Be prepared. Do the assigned readings and be ready to discuss them. Please think about the assigned readings before you enter the classroom. TEACHING METHODS: The course will use both lectures and cases to teach the material. Initially, I will lecture on the core material but we will rapidly move to lectures on one day of the week and cases on the other day. For some of the cases (so designated) we will use a team presentation and for others we will rely on individual presentations. During both days, class participation is mandatory and I will expect full, informed participation from everyone I will treat everyone equitably and hence there will be no special treatment for

anyone unless there is an extremely good reason (such as a documented disability) but in all such cases we will need prior agreement. REQUIRED MATERIALS: The following materials are required: • Text: The Cores of Strategic Management by Katsuhiko Shimizu (CSM) Publisher: Routledge, Date is 2012 Available in North Campus Bookstore • Blackboard Material All of my slides will be on blackboard and you may use them to take notes Case Studies and additional articles are to be purchased from the Harvard Business School Publishing site where a folder for this course has been set up. o Course packet link: EVALUATION: • ASSIGNMENT Quizzes (5) Midterm Final Team Case Class Participation Total % 10% 30% 30% 20% 10% 100%

QUIZZES (10%): There will be a total of 5 quizzes during the semester and they can be on the readings scheduled for the class, the lecture notes or items discussed during the prior class. The questions will be straightforward and not tricky. MIDTERM AND FINAL EXAMS (30% EACH): These will test your grasp of the key concepts and cases discussed both in class but also in the required materials. TEAM CASE (20%): There will be 6 Teams (in groups of 3) and each team will be asked to analyze a case, in all of its business dimensions for presentation to the class. Teams will be set up the first day of class and the Team Case will be given to Teams right after the Midterm exam. Business today operates in teams with all the good and the bad that is attendant to such an undertaking so learn how to maximize the...
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