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Topics: Argumentative, Mergers and acquisitions, Logic Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: December 14, 2012
7BE002 Strategic Management Assignment Guide – Task 3 International Merger, Acquisition and Joint Venture This task involves the application of international market entry strategy. The main action steps are: 1. Identify ONE event comprising either a merger, acquisition or joint venture that involved 2 companies from different countries of origin. In another words, the companies established an international relationship/union through either a merger, acquisition or joint venture. It is important to note that this event should have taken place in the past. Do not choose one event that is either on-going or going to happen. 2. Establish if this event was a success or a failure. This can be determined by the results/outcome of such an event – financial performance is one indicator of the outcome 3. Provide factors or reasons to explain the outcome

Report Structure 1. 2. A brief introduction of the companies that were involved in the event. (about 100 words) Identify the outcome ( success or failure ) and provide justifications for the achievement of the outcome – financial and/or non-financial performance could be considered. References can be made based on data obtained from journals, magazines, trade publications or news feeds (about 100-150 words) Justify your argument for the outcome by providing 3 to 4 factors that might have influenced the outcome. For each factor, provide some level of analysis and discussion. Some of the reasons could be obtained in public domains. Otherwise, provide your own perspectives. It is important that the factors discussed should be in the context of the theoretical concepts. (about 400 -500 words)


References It is expected you will have 2 to 3 references for the above discussion. The references should be provided within the “Bibliography” tab on your portfolio and not below the report for this task.

Total word count – 700
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Key assessment criteria 1. Complying the specific content...
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