Strategic Management and San Miguel Corporation

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Financial ratio Pages: 5 (664 words) Published: February 29, 2012
San miguel corporation

Short Case Summary

After analyzing and evaluating the outcome of the Strategic Paper about San Miguel Corporation, as the entire information had been collected which resulted that their company had adopted effective strategies such as market penetration, market development and product development. These strategies are also projecting in other competitors such as Asia Brewery and Budweiser Corporation. The company applied by the use of matrices, to establish the company’s ability to scan the external environment which influences the strategic marketing actions. SWOT analysis was also used by the company in identifying the planning process how it was implemented towards to the formulation of portfolio matrices to estimate the condition of the company in the industry in order for them to take actions that would have an effect on the progress of the company.

Mission Statement

As we advanced toward our vision we San Miguel Group reiterate our commitment to all our stakeholders.

To our stakeholder, we are committed to provide superior returns and to maximize the value of their investments

To our customers, we shall provide them with products and services of the highest quality all of the time

We shall create new products and services that satisfy their changing needs and desires.

To our Employees, we shall provide opportunities for our employees to grow to their fullest potential to improve their quality life while acknowledging that they are ultimately responsible for their well being and development. We shall develop in our people a broad understanding of our corporate directions and priorities; enabling each one to make decisions, that are aligned to the goals of the group.

We shall instill in our employees the values of quality, sharing, openness, integrity an excellent that bind and propel the group to move as one.

EFE Matrix


Financial Ratio Analysis

| | | | |Liquidity Ratios | | | |Current Ratio |2.05 | | |Quick or Acid-Test Ratio | | | |Leverage Ratios | | | |Debt-to-Total-Asset Ratio | | | |Debt-to-Equity Ratio |1.17 | | |Long-Term Debt-to-Equity | | | |Times-Interest-Earned Ratio | | | |Activity Ratios | | | |Inventory-Turnover Ratio | | | |Total-Asset Turnover |524, 698 | | |Fixed-Asset Turnover | | | |Average Collection Period | | | |Profitability Ratios | | | |Gross Profit Margin | | | |Operating Profit Margin | | | |Net Profit Margin...
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