Strategic Management and Motorola

Topics: Strategic management, Mobile network operator, Mobile phone Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: February 26, 2011
Read Case 17: “Motorola, Inc.” Prepare a four to ten (4-10) page report that answers the following:  
1. Describe the salient opportunities and threats that exist in Motorola's external environment. 

After researching Motorola one of the most delightful things that I discovered is that the biggest opportunity is their wide range of products that are well placed in the market, when the military has a need Motorola is here, when public safety has a need Motorola is there as well as the general population. Also understanding the fact that they have a very strong promotional strategy, by using different tools they tempt their customers towards an exciting era of innovation. The fact that Motorola has been involved in the venture of radio and cell phone industry with Verizon, telnet, and other worldwide companies altermetly providing increasing market growth.   One of the analysts has also instructed that Motorola has such products that can allow it to easily enter the mature market where risk is extensively high then in comparison to its competitors.   Motorola has also expanded its products worldwide and to different other foreign countries where it has started to penetrate it into new markets.

As Motorola enters the global market its only threat is Japan as they also look to flood the market with it version of low cost products.   2. Describe the company's most prominent strengths and weaknesses.

While reading several business journals it is evident that Motorola has positioned it’s self as a strong company by teaming up with best-of-breed companies such as Cisco, Portal, and others that has enabled them to deliver world-class end-to-end in technology. Motorola has continued to form agreements with other recognized leaders to ensure that Motorola brings the most innovative solutions to their customers. Over the years the biggest weakness of Motorola is its operations and overall quality of its products and business practices that too often...
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