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S.NO| Description|
1| Abstract|
2| Task 1|
3| Strategic management and leadership|
4| Leadership|
5| The link between Management and leadership|
6| Task 2|
7| Different leadership|
8| Leadership styles Cycle|
9| Participative Styles|
10| Autocratic Styles|
11| Conclusion|
12 | References|


The both skills leadership and management are vital tools today’s every kind of organizing culture. There are lots data written on them but no one reached to common styles of leaderships. There are lots styles of leaderships which are used according to present situation at time. And all these styles enable every leader how to control overall business culture by influencing and applying good strategies. The main mains of these styles help us how to run and support organizing direction towards its real mission. So after understanding different kinds of style of leadership theories the leaders/manger should take steps to ensure that the overall working of organization is going to according to setting strategies. A good leader always try to understand how to work with his team for benefit of the organizing so then can get good quality of their production. It is also important for leaders and mangers that they should keep in mind that they should cope with future needs of organizing and what should be best strategy which run a business for long time of time.

Task 1:
Explain the link between strategic management and leadership. Discuss the link between functions, with emphasis on meeting strategic objectives. Answer:
Before describing link between strategic management and leadership we should have a clear understanding and knowledge that what is meaning of these terms. So after discussing and understanding each term we can finally will describe the link between them. Strategic Management:

According to Barratt and Mottershead (2000) (p.69), strategy is described as the way of achieving our objectives. So according this definition the strategy is not just the ideas or theories about the business but defining the strategic means that it’s describe road map for achieving our goal and mission by the proper planning. When we say the strategy we actually working out with proper planning for growth and development of business .So the strategy is ensure us that all work or activities that we do daily and with sequence are going to help us to run the organization fro long term. All these strategies help us in our organization that we can handle those risks and factor which can damage our business. The strategic is how we going to achieve our mission or objectives by winning hearts, mind of our customer with good techniques. Strategic is about providing a consistent match between two words (position and capabilities). The position is how firms or business to be seen outside which means that what customer think about you firms and how the competitors will see company and how firm react and respond to all external stakeholders. Through the strategic we can decide that how should work that we can deliver our better product to customers so effectively and efficiently that we can beat competitors and avoid the risks.

The strategy planning process
Sources: Accessed on 17th April, 2013

Strategic Management and Leadership
The strategic management is a process that helps us to establish and maintain good strategies. The strategic management is a tool or system which moves the business/ firms towards its mission successfully by adopting, making planning which create cohesive vision. To run a business or firms successfully it is an important that the management should set a goal for further growth. If these planning have created then all process begins with company vision. Today where every firms/organization faces lots of challenges from inside and outside. A the...
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