Strategic Management and Leadership

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Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills

Task 1

Strategic management is to drive a car safely in its regular way, if we consider an organization as a car; roads are defined, everything is solid. However, strategic leadership is a challenge that wants to qualify a grand prix. Satisfaction of Shareholders, reaching good results in market are mostly rewarding keys of Strategic management, strategic leadership is beyond these borders.

Strategic leadership is innovative method which focuses global picture and creating vision for organization.

In my opinion; main link between strategic management and strategic leadership is: Strategic management is one of the usual results of strategic leadership. If an organization has an efficient strategic leadership structure, strategic management naturally exists.

Different management and leadership styles have various impact on strategic decisions ; as an example Charismatic leadership style may be unbeneficial for an organization who has old fashioned policies , inefficient transactional chains. Best organization style for Charismatic leadership is a flawless machine type structure only needs a spirit to ``take off``

On the other hand ; Different management and leadership styles can be used in different situations ; Situational leadership theory developed by Hersey and Blanchard evaluates, with a psychological mood and readiness ; it can be adapted people`s daily life by making decisions, assessing happenings. |



(i) The impact of technological innovation in an organisation is most efficient with Transformational leadership and Transactional leadership styles ; technological improvement is mostly beneficial to organization`s transactional processes and ``know-how`` styles.

(ii) The changed economic climate over the last two years has great impact in an organization with a climate-related business ; like agriculture, livestock production, Tourism etc. If this situations is managed with Autocratic leadership style ; it adds highest value to organization ; with prompt decisions and actions.

Task 2


Charismatic leadership ; leadership theory ; with a inspiring and motivating leader who has a great influence of employees.

(+) great impact of impression
(+) creating vision and a motivating atmosphere

(-) leaders can be unpredictable
(-) obsessed with visionary and innovation ; force and disturb to work hard (-) leader`s figure can be settled beyond organization

Transactional leadership; ``we need change`` like President Obama`s electoral campaign; everything need to change to remain same ;

(+) rebels to status quo
(+) provides new point of views
(+) restructures organization

(-) believes leader has ability for innovation and change
(-) employees’ role, organization role must be clear


To increase efficiency; all business plans can be viewed ; status quo can be a chain on whole organization`s hands, a different point of view can be supplied.

To improve quality; weaknesses and advantages of organization can be reviewed with Tri-dimensional Leadership; High/Low – Task/Relationship behaviours can be adopted to improve quality.

In my estimation, Charismatic leadership is the best theory to innovate in old habits; can add great value for a different scope and vision.

Human resources management is the one of the most important articles in a organization; firstly I struggle to ensure that ; all employees believe ``I am important for my organization``.

Task 3


Present business environment is very challenging, unpredictable and changing ; therefore successful leadership must be consist of all leadership theories with a equal value; also democratic, autocratic and permissive styles are all welcome in nowadays requirement ;

The key is combining them with a sensitiveness of chemist because if we consider present business environment as a chemistry...
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