Strategic Management and Harvard Business Review

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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Strategic Management and Leadership SM0374

Your Undergraduate Programme Learning Goals

At the end of your programme of study you will be:

1. Knowledgeable about the theory and practice of international business management

2. Skilful in the use of professional and managerial techniques and processes

3. Aware of ethical issues impacting on business and professional practice

4. Employable as graduates

All of the learning that takes place within modules is designed to enable you to achieve the above goals and your assessment tasks are mapped directly to these goals as outlined in each assessment brief.

OUTLINE STUDY PLAN 2012-13 Semester 2|

Please note that the seminars and workshops run to a fortnightly pattern. You can find out from your individual timetable which weeks you will attend these classes. Lectures run every week. Over a two week period you should attend four lectures and one seminar/workshop.

Week| Lecture| Seminar/Workshop|
1| 1. Introduction to Module (TP) 2. The Business Environment 1 (TP)| Seminar 1RIM/Blackberry| 2| 3. The Business Environment 2 (TP) 4. The Business Environment 3 (PG)| | 3| 5. Strategic Capabilities 1 (JW) 6. Strategic Capabilities 2 (JW)| Workshop 1The Cola Wars| 4| 7. Strategic Capabilities 3 (JW) 8. Strategic Capabilities 4(GL)| | 5| 9. Strategic Purpose (JW) 10. Culture and Strategy (MG)| Seminar 2Formula 1 Constructors| 6| 11. Business Strategy 1 (SK) 12. Business Strategy 2 (SK)| | 7| 13. Corporate Strategy 1 (TP) 14. Corporate Strategy 2 (PG)| Seminar 3Ryanair| 8| 15. Module Assignment Briefing (TP) 16. Innovation and Competitive Advantage (CJ)| | 9**| 17. Design as Strategy (MB) 18. Evaluating Strategic Options (TP)| Seminar 4Honda Motorcycles| 10| 19. Collaboration 1 (SB) 20. Collaboration 2 (SB)| | 11| 21. Strategy Development Processes (TP) 22. Organising for Success (MG)| Workshop 2The Cuban Missile Crisis – Thirteen Days| 12| 23. Leadership (MG) 24. Leadership and Strategic Change (MG)| |

**There will be a multiple choice examination in Week 9 (20% of module mark).

Week 1w/c| Lectures| 1. Introduction to module * To understand the aims and learning outcomes of the module * To understand the teaching, learning and assessment strategy * To be aware of the module content * To understand some definitions of “strategy” * To be aware of what the strategic management process involves * To understand the concept of Sustainable Competitive Advantage2. The Business Environment 1 * To understand why the business environment is important and how its fits into the strategic process * To understand how to carry out a PESTEL analysis * To understand the key driving factors in the global environment| | Reading| ES Chapters 1 and 2|

Week 2w/c| Lectures| 3. The Business Environment 2 * To understand the complexities of the business environment * To understand the impact of very dynamic environments * To understand the concept of hypercompetition4. The Business Environment 3 * To understand the relevance of industry analysis * To understand the concept of industry Strategic Groups| | Reading| ES Chapter 2|

Weeks 1 and 2|
Seminar 1| RIM/Blackberry (material on Bb)|
Directed Study| 1. Read the RIM/Blackberry material 2. Read the case “Global Forces and the Western European Brewing Industry” (ES p79) and answer the questions at the end of the case.| Further Reading| 1. Porter M (1996) What is Strategy? Harvard Business Review Nov/Dec pp61-78 (available via NORA) 2. Hamel, G. & Prahalad, C.K. (1989) Strategic Intent Harvard Business Review, May/June, Vol. 67, Issue 3. Available via NORA|

Week 3w/c | Lectures| 5. Strategic Capabilities 1 * To understand the concept of strategic capability * To understand the importance of resources and competencies * To...
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