Strategic Management and Custom Coffee

Topics: Strategic management, Mission statement, Coffee Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Case Summary:

Bonnie Brewer and Stacy Kim have opened a small caf which sells good coffee and fine chocolate. As their six-month lease is expiring, the two women are trying to develop a strategic plan for how their caf will grow. They see themselves differentiating their duties, expanding their menu, offering delivery service, and even establishing a Web site to help advertise. Chapter Topics Related to the Case: Discuss the process of strategic planning Differentiate between the concepts of strategic, operational, and tactical planning Identify how to analyze external opportunities and threats to a company like Custom Coffee and Chocolate Identify how to analyze internal strengths and weaknesses of a company like Custom Coffee and Chocolate Discuss methodologies to successfully implement a selected strategy in a company such as Custom

Coffee and Chocolate Case Discussion

Questions: 1. What do you think Custom Coffee & Chocolates mission is?

Suggested Responses:

Different students will create different mission statements, depending on the aspects of the company they view as being most important. For example, mission statements could include: Indulging in good coffee and fine chocolate Serving fair trade coffee Serving locally manufactured chocolates Providing a comfortable place to relax

2. Create a SWOT analysis for Custom Coffee & Chocolate.

Suggested Response:


Kim finances, Brewer marketing, understanding of college market, unique, quality products


capitalization, small market (need to reach out to more customers), people not staying in the caf, but buying takeout and leaving


internet, delivery services, wider array of foods & drinks, good supply of coffee/chocolate Threats:

established coffee houses, other online sources for fair trade coffee & local chocolates

3. Using the owners ideas for the future of their caf, as well as your own ideas, outline a tactical plan for Custom...
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