Strategic Management Analysis of Saudi Aramco Ltd.

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  • Published: April 20, 2013
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Prof. Dr. M. Mahmodul Hasan.
Course Instructor,
Faculty of Business, AIUB.
Re: Submission of Term Paper on Saudi Aramco.
Dear Sir,
It is a grand contentment for us that we have been capable to submit the report. It’s been an enormous practice for us to bring about such a job and we took pleasure in the whole term paper making actions. We tried our degree best with our knowledge to make a full pledged report by analyzing all the available information. We hope that we have fulfilled all the requirements you have asked for. We would be delighted if you kindly accept the report and oblige us thereby.  

On behalf of the group ‘Jeener Badshah’
With Best Regards,
Plaban Roy.
Id. No. 11-94732-2.
MBA Course: Strategic Management.
Section: A.
Department of Business Administration.

Contents of term-paper as follows:
1. Acknowledgement Letter
2. Executive Summary
3. Definition of Strategy
4. Most Strategic Management Model
5. Company Detailed Profile including mission & vision and Organogram 6. PESTEL, SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
7. SWAN Analysis & TWOS Matrix
8. Value Chain Analysis
9. ViSA Model & SMARTER Model
10. The BCG chart
11. PURE Objectives & GREAT Model
12. Market Analysis including Market Segmentation
13. EFE Matrix
14. CPM Matrix
15. QSPM Analysis
16. Financial Analysis
17. Competitor Analysis
18. Breakeven Analysis
19. KSF Analysis (Industry Key Success Factors)
20. Strategy Evaluation and Contingency Plan
21. Recommendation
22. Conclusion
23. References

2. Executive summary:
Saudi Aramco (Arabic: أرامكو السعودية‎ ʾArāmkō s-Saʿūdiyyah), officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is a Saudi Arabian national oil and natural gas company based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco's value has been estimated at up to US$10 trillion in the Financial Times, making it the world's most valuable company....
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