Strategic Management

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5.1 SWOT Analysis
Tesco is one of the three major international retail chains in the market. More than 3260 stores in 13 countries which is, Malaysia, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Great Brittan, China and the U.S and therefore to remain on top position there is many aspects which Tesco has to face in its daily life. To observe strength, weakness, opportunities and threats, it is important to carry out SWOT analysis which will give a brief idea on how Tesco is performing in the market.The vission of Tesco to be  most  highly  valued  by   the   customers   they  serve,   the   communiaes   in  which   they   operate,   their   loyal   and   commiced  staff  and  their  shareholders;    to  be  a  growth  company;    a  modern  and  innovative  company  and  winning  locally,  applying  our  skills  globally.   Strengths

Tesco is a powerful retail brand. It is known as a company that is value for money, very convenient with the wide range of products, all products in one place. TESCO have very secured market position in the global market. It is the winner of the Retailer of the Year 2008 "World Retail Awards. From about 700 in year 2001 to over 1900 stores in year 2009. Tesco also expanded to different stores like Tesco Metro, Tesco Express which made it more convenient for the customers. Because of the size and facilities, Tesco buy in bulk which means they take benefit of economies of scale. That means they can lower prices when they want in order to keep the prices attractive and be competitive with stores such as Asda or Sainsbury. By creating loyalty packages such as club card they achieving loyal customers what is important and is as a consequence they are successful company. Moreover, Tesco was Increasing market share, Tesco holds a 13% share of the UK retail market. Its multi-format capability means that it will continue to grow share in...
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