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Executive Summary

This report demonstrates the evaluation of current performance of JD Sports Company. Method of Analysis includes Ansoff’s matrix and Porter’s generic growth strategies to discuss the nature of the market which JD Sports invest in. The financial methods are including the flexibility and stability of JD sports which judged by the liquidity, current ratio, operation capital, gearing and profit margin of this company. These figures could be collected from the annual report or balance sheet. This report analyzed the JD sport’s position in the market, and used generic and external growth method to expand market size. Such as acquired a lot stores to improve business profitability. Obviously, JD has expanded to the European areas and trying to increase international acquisition. The weakness and strengths of this company have been provided in this report and conclude with a brief recommendation which was expected to increase market share and keep acquire other retail store to gradual eliminate rivals.

Content page Executive summary------------------------------------------------------------------------2


External environment----------------------------------------------------------------------4-7

Performance in industry-------------------------------------------------------------------7-8

Competitive strategy-----------------------------------------------------------------------8-9

Strategic direction--------------------------------------------------------------------------10-11

Method of Development-------------------------------------------------------------------12-13

SPACE matrix analysis--------------------------------------------------------------------13






JD Sports is one of the sporting direct retailers in Britain. (JD, 2012) It is popular in young people. Their stores throughout Britain and a number of stores are located in Ireland, and it sells variety of brands of sporting products and sportswear. There are over 60 different sports brands selling by JD Sports. They are supposed to bring customer best of the best gear from the best of the best brands. (Mission of JD PLC, 2012)

Corporate Society Responsibility (CSR) refers to the responsibility of an organisation’s control towards the benefits and positive effects of the society which provides it the environment and resources to survive and flourish. And it is affected by the oranisation’s actions and policies. (Business Strategy, 3rd Edition) The JD Sports group recognizes that it has a responsibility to ensure its business is implemented in a way which ensures high standards quality of environment and human behavior. There are three aspects concentrated by JD Sports which are the employment across the UK and Ireland, training the staff morale and retentions, and provide equal opportunities to each employee in this organization. (JD, 2012)

External environment

Generally, environment factor can be defined as the natural surroundings that influence the organization operation directly or indirectly. The microenvironment around an organisation immediately, it may affect the business with frequently into some specific parts. This is used to identify competitors. (Business strategy, 2012) Therefore, Porter (1980) applied a framework which used to analysis the nature competition in an industry. He argued that 5 forces determine the nature of competition within an...
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