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UWM Toyota Strategic Management Presentation Transcript
* 1. 2012 Competitive Strategy ReportPrepared by:Sara Yeap0008VMVM0112 1 * UMW (United Motor Works) Holdings Berhad is founded by2. UMW Background Worth RM10 billionChia Yee Soh in 1917 as anautomobile repair shop (Bicycle) They aretoday and listed one of the top ten listed companies in Bursa Malaysia strongly operating in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Papua NewGuinea, Having more thanAustralia, Taiwan, China, India, Myanmar and Turkmenistan Having 5 strategic partners10,000 employees with 80% of them are Malaysians and UMW Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Holds the largest profitearning annually which operates all of their core businesses activities UMW Holdings Berhad UMW UMW UMW Australia UMW Oil & Gas UMW Petropipe Malaysian Corporation Sdn. Ventures Vision: To become a truly(L) Berhad (L) Ltd. Ventures Shd. Bhd. Ltd. Bhd. Mission: “A Good Business Is Rooted Deep in the Solid Groundworld-class brand of Customer Satisfaction.”This saying from Chia itself had embedded in their operating culture continuously for years.They are to treat their customers with “Beyond Boundaries” is their newhonesty, loyalty, earnestly and the best. rallying call started in year 2008 2 * 3. UMW Background – Cont’UMW Core Businesses UMW Core Values: Honour in their continual efforts in building trusted relationships and behaving with the utmost integrity, resulting in quality products and services that stand the test of time Vibrant in their energetic and open-minded approach to new ideas that inspire fresh solutions to their partners and businesses Unshakeable in their commitment to their customers, partners, employees as well as the community at large, to persevere and strive for excellence in all their undertakings Pioneering as they lead the way with bold ideas that shape the futures of their industries 3 * UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd is the assembler,4. UMW Toyota Motor Shd. Bnd. A joint-ventureimporter and distributor of Toyota and Lexuscars in Malaysia company with 51% in hand while Toyota Motor Corporation (39%) andToyota Tsusho It assembles engines and parts from Thailand and JapanCorporation (10%). Having fourtogether with the body in which ismanufactured in Malaysia itself subsidiaries : Subsidiaries Responsibility Assembly Services Shd. Bhd. (ASSB) Local assembler/manufacturer of Toyota passenger and commercial vehicles. Automotive Industries Shd. Bhd. (AISB) Original equipment manufacturer of exhaust systems for national and non-national car companies Toyota Boshoku UMW Sdn. Bhd. (TBU) Manufacturing and assembling high quality and cost-effective - Formerly known as Takanishi SIM Shd. Bhd. car seats, door trims and interior parts for all Toyota cars and Hino commercial vehicles assembled by ASSB using the JIT method. KAYABA (Malaysia) Shd. Bhd. (KYB-UMW) Manufacturer of high ASSB assembled a few Toyota models:quality shock absorbers and steering pumps. It alsoVios, Hilux, Innova, Hiace and Fortuner . The rest areimported. invested into PERODUA, local car manufacturer with a 38% share interests (biggestshareholder besides Daihatsu) 4 * 5. Analysis – Financial & Market Share AnalysisFinancial highlights of UMW Toyota Group revenue registered an increase of 150% for both Toyota/Lexus and Perodua earnings in 2Q12 in compared with the preceding year’s corresponding quarter. Group profit before PBT (Taxation) increased by 27.6% to RM433.3 millions. (Appendix J ) Net profit attributable to equality holders of the Company increased by 44.9% compared with the same quarter of 2011. Consolidated cash and deposits stands at RM2.3 billion. Total market share in the automotive sector of Malaysia is approximately 50% (UWM Toyota Motor & Perodua) as of 2012 FOREX conversion rate is better than year than preceding year (Appendix F) Despite global economy recession, Malaysia’s GDP is anticipated to grow 4-5% 5 * 6. Analysis – SWOT Analysis...
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