Strategic Management

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Structuring an Environmental Analysis
* Industry Analysis………………….
* External Stakeholders and the Broad Environment…..
* Factors that Influence Demand and Cost Structures
* Strategies Issues Facing the Industry
Structuring an Organizational Analysis
* Evaluation of the Internal Environment
* Identification of Resources and Capabilities
* Evaluation of Strategies
* Identification of Sources of Competitive Advantage
Developing a Strategic Plan
* Strategic Direction and Major Strategies
* Evaluation of Opportunities and Recommendations
* Implementation and Control
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This proposal is about Starbucks. Starbucks is at maturity stage in product life cycle. The revenue is keep increasing since 2009, and the revenue of 2011 is $11.7 billion. The number of Starbucks stores has 17244 all over the world. The fixed cost percentage was above 89 % every year. The major Competitors are Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Costa Coffee, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and Caribou Coffee. There are close substitute of coffee, which are Teechino, Cafix, Genmaicha, Pero, and Roastaroma. The goals are to serve 25% of drinks that use the reusable cups, and front-of store recycling. Through this proposal, I had mentioned about identification of resources and capabilities which includes, inbound and outbound logistics, operations, marketing and sales, procurement, human resource management, technology development, and administration. There are many successful strategies for Starbucks to implement, like they offer Frappuccino with others products, become the ‘third place’ for everyone, and customer satisfaction. The most important resources for Starbucks are employees, coffee beans, and fund. I recommendation Starbucks provide delivery service, the Starbucks location should at the place where is obviously to show the signboard, and use the organic coffee beans to brew coffee. After Strategies had planned, Starbucks need to use to right person to implement them and control them. I believe that Starbucks will keep improving their strategies to meet the demand of customers.


Starbucks Coffee Company was started in 1971(Starbucks Corporation, n.d.). The founders of the Starbucks are Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker (Starbucks Corporation, n.d.). All of them have the passion for the coffee. Thus, these three partners opened the first shop called Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spices in Seattle (Starbucks Corporation, n.d.). The first Starbucks logo, which designed by a friend, is the two-tailed mermaid encircled by the words ‘Starbucks Coffee Tea Spices’ (George, n.d.). Their outlets are across 55 countries, of course Singapore has Starbucks branches also (Wikipedia, n.d.). Today, Starbucks has more than 30 types of drink provide to the customers (Starbucks Singapore, n.d.). Beside of these, they also provide cakes, sandwich, and many types of breakfast to match with the drinks (Starbucks Singapore, n.d.). These show that Starbucks had expanded the business direction to attract more customers’ attention.

Structuring an Environmental Analysis

Industry Analysis

Starbucks Coffee Company not only provides coffee drinks, it is also provides yogurt parfait, hot breakfast, and others (Starbucks Singapore, n.d.). Although it has so many products, but Starbucks is famous in coffee drinks. Coffee is the drink that rich in antioxidants, which will prevent the cell damage (Talk about Coffee, n.d.). Thus, people who often drinking coffee will reduce the Parkinson’s disease, and other diseases (Talk about Coffee, n.d.). Drinking coffee will also improves people awareness on their work or studies (Martin, n.d.). Starbucks is using the over-counter sale to sell its products (Anton, 2010).

Now, Starbucks has 17,244 stores all over the world (New York Times, 2012). Its 2011...
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