Strategic Management

Topics: Adidas, Debt, Reebok Pages: 7 (1978 words) Published: January 12, 2013
I. Adidas: SWOT Analysis

A. Strengths

* Distinguished Brand Name

Adidas AG has been in the market for more than 60 years and is still renowned as one of the world’s biggest sports clothing and accessories provider. It’s a company that is known to provide high quality products and makes sure that their customers are comfortable with what they wear. And now, Adidas AG has been very popular that everyone in the world knows the three stripes company.

* Customer Loyalty

As the years go by, the said company showed its customer their loyalty by providing them products that are suitable with their preferences and that ensures their satisfactions. With this, Adidas AG also gained positive remarks from their customers and until now, they are still being patronized.

* Partnership with Sporting Events

Being the sponsor for many sporting events like the FIFA, UEFA as well as the NBA, Adidas proved another edge with its competitors. This shows that this company is really trusted worldwide. In FIFA, Adidas even designed a ball for the 2010 World Cup which was held last 2010. In UEFA, Adidas became the partner for the event until 2016. They were contracted to provide balls, equipment, staff, officials and even referees for the said event. While in NBA, they will be the uniform providers until 2017.

* Adaptability to Change

You will see a venture seeking company in Adidas AG. As we saw in its timeline, Adidas AG is not afraid to adapt to certain changes in its company structure like acquisition and innovation. They are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones just to produce products that would keep up with the trend without sacrificing the ideals of their customers as well as the community.

* Subsidiaries

Adidas AG comprised of TaylorMade as well as Reebok and these subsidiary companies are also very renowned worldwide like Adidas AG. They also provide the consumers with satisfactory products and are able to compete with large scale businesses in their own line of business.

* Diversification of Products

Diversification is a major issue nowadays. Because of the fast changing world, the consumers are more and more asking for something new that’s why the said company now involved itself in the competition of diversifying its products. Adidas is not only selling sporting accessories and clothing. Because of their subsidiaries, they are also providing other fashionable items that are suitable for different generations and for those people who are not really into sports and just want comfortable clothing.

* Support for Athletes

Adidas was built not only for profit but to also provide comfortable shoes to people and right now, Adidas is concerned with athletes all over the world. They are consistently doing their best in order to produce products that can help improve the performance of athletes while making them comfortable with what they wear at the same time.

* Corporate Social Responsibility

Nowadays, making your product better than the other is not only what the consumers are seeking for. They are now patronizing products which are environmental-friendly and are able to keep the community in good condition. Like in Adidas, they broadened the use of recycled materials for their packaging as well as other parts of their products to promote their “better place” project which is to ensure that the environment would be saved.

* Efficient Management and Operations

A company wouldn’t be successful without the help of their number one asset which would be their workforce. Adidas’ management ensures that the operations going around Adidas is worked efficiently and effectively while being able to keep up with their objectives. Aside from that Adidas introduced a new forecasting approach in order to improve their business planning and decision making processes. The technical staff of this company plays also a major role in its success. The product lines of...
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