Strategic Management

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What are the most significant differences between the planning/design/positioning schools of strategic management and the resource based view? Define the planning of strategic management:
Strategic planning can be defined as a process of organization that defining its strategy, direction, and making decision about resource to pursue its strategy. For the defining organization’s direction, its must be understand the current position and find out the way to making it successful. Generally, strategic planning must be including one of three key questions: 1."What do we do?"

2."For whom do we do it?"
3."How do we excel?"
Define the design of strategic management:
Strategic design can be defined as a using of future-oriented design principles that improve an organization’s innovative and competitive qualities. Its focus on analysis internal, external, trend allows to make design decision on the basis of facts rather than intuition. Strategic design can be seen as a new way to change innovation, management, and research. Define positioning schools of strategic management

Strategic positioning can be defined as a strategy that the marketers try to create an image of product, image of organization’s brand and find out the way bring the product, organization target to the market, special to consumer’s mind.  Strategic Positioning is defined as doing different activities than your competitors or doing the same activities differently.  This is the way your company becomes a superior performer in the industry. Many people describe their positioning based on their customer base.  For example, Burger King focuses on young adult males as their target customer.  There strategy and positioning is directed to satisfy this sector of the market.  Wendy's on the other hand has a different positioning.  They base their positioning to satisfy the older health conscious individuals.  They both differ from our strategy.  When you simplify things down it turns out there are only two basic types of positioning; low cost or differentiation.  This is how you choose to serve your customer base, or how your customer base guides you to operate.  You choose your customer base to be either broad or narrow scope.  The company needs to select one or the other in both categories or they will achieve below average results and be mediocre. We have selected one and are doing it well

Define resource based view: Corporations are different; most of them have the ability to undergo the risk of rapid changes. And in their recognition to the human resources and investments, corporation still have the ability to create cooperative and productive behavior, despite of the massive agency and organizational costs. The resource-based view approach enables the firm to have unique resources and capabilities and used as an advantage to excel in the marketplace. This influential approach defines the capabilities as the firm’s core resources, which makes the firm as a whole. The capabilities lie within a firm’s infrastructure, reflect both the firm’s human resources and routines which is most of all, difficult to duplicate or replicate by the competitors (2008).

Resource based view can be defined as a
Compare between strategic planning, strategic design and strategic positioning Strategic planning| Strategic design| Strategic positioning| Allow to making organization successful| Allow to making organization successful | Allow to making organization successful| Planning of organization in the future | Planning of organization in the future| Planning of organization in the future| Aim to enhance product brand and organization’s brand | Aim to enhance product brand and organization’s brand| Aim to enhance organization position in the future| Long-term process| Long-term process| Long-term process| Focus on defining strategies, direction for organization| Focus on improve an organization’s innovative and competitive qualities| Focus on...
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