Strategic Management

Topics: Value, Strategic management, Value network Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Terms of reference: What is your report setting out to do (Strategic Fit Analysis of Starbucks – which business segment and country?) •A very brief introduction to Starbucks (e.g. outline of history, current market position and strategy) •A brief introduction to the country/market environment

Starbucks has 3 operating segments:
The International segment (company-operated stores and licensed stores, and foodservice accounts primarily in Canada and the United Kingdom*) •The United States segment (company-operated stores and licensed stores*) •The Global Consumer Products Group segment (packaged coffee and tea, Starbucks VIA ® Ready Brew and other branded products sold worldwide through channels such as grocery stores, warehouse clubs and convenience stores, and US foodservice accounts*) If you choose the International segment or the Global Consumer Products Group segment, we suggest you focus your analyses on a single country/region (e.g. UK, India, China, Europe, Scandinavia. Task A (1): ANALYSIS OF STARBUCKS’ EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT (Approximately 1000 words) Maximum of 30 marks •Macro-environment (PESTEL: Essential)

Optional: Any other models/analyses (e.g. scenarios)
Micro-environment (Porter’s 5 Forces: Essential)
Optional: Any other models/analyses (e.g. strategic groups, market segments, Blue Ocean canvas) •Identify opportunities and threats from both analyses!
Critical Success Factors (CSF) “…those factors that are either particularly valued by customers or which provide a significant advantage in terms of cost” (Johnson, Whittington, & Scholes, 2012) •Opportunities and threats must be linked to CSF!

Strategic capability: Threshold resources and competences + Distinctive resources and competences (Essential) •Value chain and value network analysis (Essential)
Optional: Any other models
Make sure your analysis includes evaluation of resources and competences that are relevant to the Critical Success...
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