Strategic Management

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1.0Describe the company’s background and purpose

The Kumpulan Karangkraf is undoubtly the biggest and most successful bumiputra-owned magazine publishers in Malaysia; consists of Karangkraf Company, Alaf 21 and Ultimate Print. Their factory is now the former Ericsson plant that has been taken over. Looking at its expansive 12.5 acre spread in a peaceful part of Shah Alam and 1,200-strong staff, it is hard to remember that Karangkraf started its business in a humble little shop lot in 1978. But the truth is that founder and CEO Dato’ Hussamuddin bin Hj. Yaacub was born with a simple dream of interpreting white pages into great opportunities. He had been born in a bookshop, after all; so perhaps publishing was in his blood. Whatever the case, he has certainly proven to any doubters that Malay publications are a hugely profitable enterprise. Almost 30 years ago, long before the age of information technology exploded upon them, this ambitious man organized a small workforce to begin publishing the company’s maiden magazine called Mingguan Kanak-Kanak. This was soon followed by weekly tabloids Bacaria and Watan as well as magazines Media Hiburan, Remaja and Nona. It was a bold effort for the local publishing market but these magazines became extremely popular and circulation grew in leaps and bounds. This led to the acquisition of a printing press (Ultimate Print Sdn Bhd) that broadened Karangkraf’s capacity to handle the increasing needs of customers by taking on large-scale print jobs. Thus, although Karangkraf publications are the most popular of the Kumpulan Karangkraf business, Ultimate Print is actually their biggest earner, accounting for up to 70 percent of revenue.


Dato’ Hussamuddin bin Hj. Yaacub was raised in a bookshop, so he has always loved books and since there weren’t many Malay books or magazines, he felt that a publishing house made perfect sense. It was also his dream since young to become a publisher because he instinctively knew the trade – what people want, what they enjoy to read and so it was a natural thing for him. It was his early love for reading that inspired him to dive into the world of printing and publishing.

Other purposes of the Kumpulan Karangkraf’s are:
➢ To give priority to customer satisfaction.
➢ To maintain discipline, politeness and trustworthiness. ➢ To have teamwork and good communication between all staff. ➢ To be highly productive and efficient.
➢ To be informative and skillful.
➢ Hardworking and conscientious.
➢ Concern for quality in all aspects and levels.

2.0Identify the company’s vision, mission, short and long term objectives.

2.0.1Vision statement
An established publication and printing firm and distributor of magazines, books and printed materials in South East Asia that meets world quality standards.

2.0.2Mission statement
Money is not merely the bottom line. Business continually is by emphasizing on a strong foundation in good basic human values and practiced by everyone within the organization. Constantly identifying new publishing opportunities and keeping the business integrity intact.

2.0.3Short term objective
Short term objective of Karangkraf is increase sales or distribution of the books, magazines and newspaper and maintain target which is can distribute thousand copies per day.

2.0.4Long term objective
Long term objectives of Karangkraf are take care welfare employees; keep it strong company business and last long company. Other than that, to be highly productive and efficient, to be informative and skillful and to give priority to customer satisfaction.

2.1Develop New Mission...
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