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Strategic It Management

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Strategic It Management

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37E00200 Strategic Information Technology Management Instructions for the exam Fall 2012

Practical guidelines:
The exam is based on the 15 articles included in the reading package (list of the articles below). There will be about four to six essay-type questions. Please search and download each of the articles using the electronic library or Google Scholar if needed. There is a short link to each of the articles that enable direct access to the pdf of each article from within the Aalto network. Note: the shortlink provides a list of sources provided by academic search engines. Please try alternative links if you are not directed to the right article with the first link. Example of the list provided by the shortlink:

There are two articles without shortlinks, but they can be easily found using e.g. Proquest ( or Google Scholar ( with the article title as a keyword.

List of articles:
1. Agarwal, R., & Sambamurthy, V. (2002). Principles and models for organizing the IT function. MIS Quarterly Executive, 1(1), 1-16.

2. Carter, M., Grover, V., & Thatcher, J. B. (2011). The emerging CIO role of business technology strategist. MIS Quarterly Executive, 10(1), 19-29. 3. Davis, G., Ein-Dor, P., R King, W., & Torkzadeh, R. (2006). IT offshoring: History, prospects and challenges. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 7(1), 770-795. 4. De Haes, S., Gemke, D., Thorp, J., & Van Grembergen, W. KLM’s Enterprise Governance of IT Journey: From Managing IT Costs to Managing Business Value, 10(3), 109-120. 5. Henderson, J. C., & Venkatraman, N. (1993). Strategic alignment: Leveraging information technology for transforming organizations. IBM systems journal, 32(1), 4-16. 6. Liu, S., Zhang, J., Keil, M., & Chen, T. (2009). Comparing senior executive and project manager perceptions...

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