Strategic Intent

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Organization Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Traditional competitor’s analysis is far too outdated in order to measure the continuously changing global market and develop organizations sustainable strategic intent (Hamel& Prahalad 1989). The organizations inside and outside scope of constantly changing global market have developed dramatic impact to the organizations, causing difficult to develop sustainable competitive advantages. Thus the organizations have to widen their vision to all possible competitors in order to incorporate and develop competitive advantages leading the firm’s success. By firms continuously reviewing and comprehending competitor’s strategic intent and their SWOTs analysis gives strong vision to changing global market and ideal to where the firms should be leading to Curtis et al (2006). This will result in firms developing sustainable competitive advantages in continuously changing global market. Furthermore by understanding competitor’s internal strength and weakness, by overpowering them contributes to firms broadening their view of future global market place and understanding there strategic intent can turn into firm’s development of their own sustainable strategic intent and competitive advantages (Grant 2003). As a result acquisition of the broad view of all the possible potential competitors and global market, by comprehending and studying competitors SWOTs and strategic intent allows success in firms in global market through gaining sustainable competitive advantages Grant (2003). However, if the firm’s vision of the changing global market place and competitors is narrow it may causes firms to be defeated their opportunities in gaining competitive advantages in global market place and also their current market position (Chandrapeakaikul 2008). Firms’ having narrow vision prevents them to comprehend the changing global market and visualize the future global market place, which leads to firms fail achieving sustainable strategic intent and success.

As global leading...
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