Strategic Initiative Paper

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Strategic Initiative Paper
Sharon Lewis
University of Phoenix
Finance for Business
Mrs. Sandra Brown
Aug 31, 2009

Strategic Initiative Paper
In this paper, Team D will describe the relationship between strategic and financial planning, by describing a strategic planning initiative for Wal-Mart and identify an initiative discussed in Wal-Mart annual report. Then describe how the initiative affects Wal-Mart’s planning in costs and sales. Finally describe risks associated with the initiative and financial effects. The relationship between strategic and financial planning is strategic planning is long-term goal setting in which Wal-Mart is expect to grow over the next year or more and have a plan in place in order to meet those goals. Financial planning shares a relationship in strategic planning by creating the budget and have a plan in place for the spending and savings. Within the strategic planning of Wal-Mart, the company has redesigned their pharmacy to gain broader acceptance and to build customer loyalty by introducing the $4 prescription program to their customers to help with affordable healthcare. The international segment of Wal-Mart is guided by three strategic initiatives which are: Create shareholder value through portfolio optimization, enhance Wal-Mart’s global leverage, and win in each market. (Lee, 2008) The strategic planning of the UK (United Kingdom), Wal-Mart stores has designed an ASDA’s online grocery aisles, which allow shopper’s to purchase online and have the items delivered to their residents. (Lee, 2008)

Described in Wal-Mart’s annual report for 2009 are many aspects of the company that creates more opportunities for the consumers which in turn makes more money for the company. The company has units all around the world with a total of 3,656 units here in the United States not including Sam’s Club. The company within this year has been running a program that offers...
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