Strategic Initiative Paper

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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Disney’s Strategic Initiative Paper

Disney’s Strategic Initiative Paper
The Walt Disney Company started out as a small cartoon studio in the 1920’s. From there the company has grown exponentially to become a household name and a global leader in the family entertainment industry. The founder Walter Elias Disney was known for his creative abilities, innovation, and overall excellence that still resonates today and the company attributes a majority of their success to those attributes (The Walt Disney Company, 2010). Planning for the future requires creative and innovative ideas, and overall excellence in order for organizations to be successful and survive. Two essential business functions are strategic and financial planning. Given Disney’s continued growth and success it is easy to see that they don’t take these business functions lightly. Although Disney has given much consideration to planning there are risk and financial impacts of such decisions. The following paragraphs will detail Disney’s current strategic initiatives, possible new strategic initiatives as well as risks and financial impacts of implementing strategic plans. Strategic Planning Initiative

Strategic planning and financial planning are two of the most crucial business activities for an organization. Strategic planning maps out where the business needs to go and financial planning ensures the company will have the resources to get there. In today’s economy businesses are faced with even greater challenges because mistakes in resource allocation may spell financial disaster for the company. The key elements in the strategic planning process include: (a) mission, (b) vision, (c) values, (d) strategic goals, (e) risk assessment, (f) measures, and (g) performance targets and budgets (Thomson, 2010). Even companies as successful as Walt Disney Corporation need to review existing strategic planning processes to look for potential new strategic planning initiatives, and...
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