Strategic Initiative

Topics: Water, Drinking water, Water supply network Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Strategic Initiative

Strategic Initiative
A nation, corporation, and the individual, will find it imperative to have a realistic picture of the current and future financial standing. Strategic and financial planning provides PepsiCo the foresight to have initiative reflected in the annual report, initiative effects on cost and pricing, and all risks associated with the plan. Motivation for the having a stout strategic and financial plan assists with PepsiCo’s success and stays a critical area to address. No available resource is more important to survival than the need for fresh water, and the supply for safe water is diminishing as the need for more people to have access to fresh water is on the rise. Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered by huge bodies of water and less than three percent is fresh water and the other 30 percent being salt water. About a billion people are without access to clean drinking water (PepsiCo, 2011). One of PepsiCo’s strategic planning initiatives is to provide ways for safe water to be made available. The goals are to be able to provide it to over three million people in evolving countries around the world at the end of the year 2015 as their annual report suggests. April 2010 PepsiCo unveiled their new strategic planning initiative with a global minded presence in several different countries by stating that they will respect the human right to water by shielding water means and providing access to water that is safe. They have committed to three objectives; objective number one is to increase and create more efficient water usage by 20 percent per unit of production by the end of 2015. Objective number two is to strive for “positive water balance” in water-distressed areas, and objective three refers to being able to provide safe water access to people in evolving countries by the end of the year 2015 as stated previously. As the company PepsiCo works diligently to reach their goals, they are striving to do this by...
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